5 Best Spy Apps for Android

best spying apps for android

Well, do you really need to spy someone? Many of us need to spy someone for safety and other reasons including tracking places they go to, people they meet etc. Spying Apps are readily available for Android and that's why we are going to discuss the 5 best spy apps for Android. But, the real question is whether spying is morally right or not. Spying someone for personal … [Read more...]

14 Web Design Trends in 2015


Web Design Trends change every year and that's why at BFWR, we are presenting the Web Design Trends that are going to rock in 2015. Web is ubiquitous and every year the trends change much faster than we expect them to. Designing is one aspect which changes every year and it evolves more and more when new companies tend to invest their time in the online design. Without … [Read more...]

Shopify Vs WooCommerce – Which Way to Go?


If you are a part of online retail space, it's crucial to get the bottom of which platform works for you best to get the required attention and profit. While planning to launch your channel, first thing you need to decide on- what your e-commerce platform or structure will be. This decision will influence everything else you do. To answer this question, here I am presenting … [Read more...]

20 Best Ways to Make Your eCommerce Website Design Successful


eCommerce websites are in great trend these days. If you are a person with a huge number of products to sell then eCommerce websites are what you need to reach your global audience. In this post I am going to discuss with you 20 superb tips about the usability and designing of eCommerce websites. Let us have a look. Here are the 20 most important things you need to know … [Read more...]

Beautiful Examples of Newborn Photography


NewBorn Photography is one of the finest art that brings the new talent to the eyes. The shades of every living being start from this small step, which by effort and hard work brings more value to different species on Earth. Life is an ever-green dimension that captures the cycle of being born and growing old. Any life in any form is beautiful, condensing the thought of how … [Read more...]

Top Resume Tips 2015

cover letter template

Resume Tips helps you to create a perfect resume for your job interviews. The job search game is increasingly becoming more aggressive, and it isn't going to change in 2015. If anything, it’s going to up the ante. Employers want to hire dynamic and proactive candidates. So successful contenders need to be constantly updated about the latest trends in resume writing. Because an … [Read more...]

18 wonderful vector graphics material of information map collection


Ever wondered why the illustrations available online are so beautiful? What make them so scalable and detailed? The reason is Vector graphics. Vector graphics is a popular tool for making diagrams and illustration that really shines in the current online web world. The reason, why I love vector graphics is the sole reason it gives the web designers the opportunity to build … [Read more...]

7 Benignant Code Editors to ease the lives of designers and developers


Coding has always been considered an indispensable component of every web design and development project. Whether it's about editing your HTML code or the CSS-style sheets, you need to unveil your creativity to come up with an absolutely stunning web solution. Fortunately, today, we have a variety of code editors that come equipped with advanced code editing features, … [Read more...]

Amazing Collection Of Galaxy Wallpapers


Galaxy Wallpapers is an attempt to revisit the galaxy around us. There is no doubt in my mind that all of us have one fascination and that is to find about the galaxy around us. Who created the galaxy? and other types of questions that stem yourself from curiosity. There are for example trillions and trillions of galaxy as opposed to our previous ancestors thinking of just … [Read more...]