How to enable Guest Mode on Android OS (Lollipop)


With increasing invasion of smartphones and constant revision of the Android Operating System, there are many features that are released. With the Android Lollipop release, the inclusion of creating the guest mode is available. The reason, why this feature has important is for the sole reason of our privacy.Today's smartphone are the hub of tons of user information … [Read more...]

10 Best Web Resources for Developers And Designers 2015


Developers and Designers are the next generation heroes. And, I am not exaggerating a tiny bit. Anyone who can code have power to change the world. But, the core reason, why this is the right time to become an explorer of codes, is the sole reasons of the resources that are available online.Today, we will go through the best web resources for Developers and Desingers(2015). … [Read more...]

How to differentiate a biodata from a CV?


We often interchange the words CV or Bio data. Many people are there who things these two terms to be the same and use it randomly while speaking. However, the scenario is not the same and people need to be aware about the commonly made mistake. This can hamper the chance of getting selected and can disappoint one.Recommended: Top Resume Tips How to write a ResumeSo, … [Read more...]

Best Twitter List Manager To Manage Your Twitter List


Twitter is one of the leading social platforms. And, if you a twitter user then there are chances that you are looking for a twitter list manager that can help you manage the feeds and categorize them for better management. The list or followers are hard to handle because of the volume of the feeds and followers one can have.  Organizing twitter feeds can keep you organized and … [Read more...]

Free Open Office Resume Templates


Not every one of us have access to the Microsoft Office suite. They are expensive and also clog the system to some extent. If you are an open source lover, there is a great alternative to Microsoft Word, the Open Office. It is an amazing open source project that helps users to utilize powerful editing and other features that Microsoft word offers.Creating Resumes on Open … [Read more...]

14 Web Design Trends in 2015

Web Design Trends change every year and that's why at BFWR, we are presenting the Web Design Trends that are going to rock in 2015.Web is ubiquitous and every year the trends change much faster than we expect them to.Designing is one aspect which changes every year and it evolves more and more when new companies tend to invest their time in the online design. Without good … [Read more...]

5 Best HTML5 Mobile App Frameworks – Worth Calling The Real Gems


Creating mobile applications for multiple platforms can become a bothersome task if one attempts it without implementing an appropriate framework.No doubt, there are numerous technologies available in the market that help develop mobile applications. But, only a few of them have made a breakthrough to amazingly pull the mutually incompatible mobile platforms together, like … [Read more...]

Top 10 Best Free WordPress Themes for 2015

Best Free WordPress Themes

Working as a full-time WordPress Blogger, I find it difficult to find some impressive best free WordPress Themes. WordPress is undoubtedly the best CMS out there with a unique taste and flavor of its own. It has a great ecosystem that harnesses its open source nature and that's why there are tons of free themes and plugins for the WordPress users.WordPress, by default, … [Read more...]

Best Android Calendar App To Keep You Organized

Keeping yourself organized is a big task. With events, meetings, job tasks, traveling, family and other work schedules, it becomes tough for professional to keep track of their work and life. The default Android calendar app has its own benefits, but its far from being perfect and that's why today, we will list the best android calendar app to keep your organized and … [Read more...]

5 Best SEO Plugins For WordPress

WordPress is one of the finest CMS and statistics also conqueror to this fact. Yes, it conquers almost a quarter of the world's websites. Webmasters love WordPress as the websites have all the necessary features for a kick-ass website. It includes amazing UI, UX, complete SEO ready and more.But, wait. Does the website SEO ready? The core of the WordPress is SEO optimized, … [Read more...]

How To Write Executive Resume

Current Job Industry is changing drastically -- job roles are changing, companies are looking for raw talent to take their venture out of the sky. With the turmoil and other factors, a job candidate or a working professional should always look for finding the next job. There is no time to waste, neither there is time to build up the resume after you lose your job or graduate … [Read more...]