40 Creative Business Cards For Photographers


A professional photographer must have a great looking business card that can reflect the type of service that you provide as a photographer and that's why most photographers advertise their service through business cards. But in photography field you have to mix between creativity and professionalism, most photography business card come in camera shape , other with photos and … [Read more...]

How Newbies can Design their Own Blog?


Starting a blog is very easy now a days. Basically, blogging is the most powerful medium of sharing your thoughts and ideas with others. It is also one of the most common ways of communicating and spreading useful information to others. Why You Should Start A Blog? There are various reasons why people start blogging, like some blog to earn money and expand their online … [Read more...]

Do Not Get A Run Of The Mill Typography: Hop To The Trends


With such a nip and tuck competition, we are well aware of the fact web development has transcended several levels of complexity and aim to deliver top notch projects. Now as soon as any market trend comes in the market everyone hops on to embrace these trends. Embracing the trends is certainly what we need to reflect that we are on the advanced level and have moved on … [Read more...]

Play The Most Awesome Game, Slitherio Through Slitherio Unblocked

Slitherio Unblocked - 2

Slitherio Unblocked :- There is a pattern that flows with popular web games. They get blocked by the authorities even though people can enjoy the game in their leisure time. The strict rules don't help, if not playing the game hampers your concentration. Slitherio Unblocked Slitherio is one of those modern games plagued with the problem mentioned above. Slitherio is a … [Read more...]

Acting Resume Template and Tips

Acting Resume Template and Tips

Acting Resume Template :- Acting is an ever growing industry with new talent on the flow. Unlike other trades, acting can be a tough industry to crack. The requirement of ability is a must, but the need to showcase your talent to the potential client is what makes it the most enticing of them all. Getting an acting job starts from the acting resume. Resumes are fundamentally … [Read more...]

Agario Unblocked: Play it anytime, anywhere AGAR.IO


Agario Unblocked :- Ah, the fun, addictive game that is the beautifully crafted, simple, Agar.io! It surfaced pretty recently, and has been addicting people to the simple premise, and the easy learning curve, that is Agar.io! Agario Unblocked Game The agario unblocked game itself is really simple: You are a cell in a myriad of cells, and you have to “eat” food to grow, … [Read more...]

5 Tools for Making an Appealing WordPress Blog


One theory that goes around, is that you have to write on a consistent basis over time to generate readership and obtain a good portion of active and loyal visitors. While this is true, there is one thing we usually overlook. Besides writing on a regular basis and providing a trustworthy content, we should also make our blog appealing to the visitors. Because without an … [Read more...]

Ten Amazing Platforms to Help You in Your Job Search

1_Searching for a Job

In the past few years, several online platforms have risen to the challenge of successfully connecting job seekers and employees. Depending on the format of each platform, you can find job boards and pools of thousands of job listings that are now easy to browse through. We've compiled a list of the top ten platforms to help you in your job search. It's ideal to not limit … [Read more...]

12 Best Handwriting Fonts


If you are looking for the best handwriting fonts, you have landed to the right page. At BFWR, we love fonts and discussed many a times on how font selection improves the quality of a project. Handwriting fonts add a spice of personal touch and can be more intrusive than other types of fonts. Check the best engravers fonts for projects. Before, we move on to the list … [Read more...]

Systweak Android Cleaner: Best Cleaner and Optimizer for Android


Do you look for an Android booster? Have you searched and tested many app cache cleaners and couldn’t find the one for you? Well, this is same for all. Google Play is packed up with many one click optimization applications which claim to be the best and safe in its type. But the real picture is revealed only when these are tested. To assist all users in finding one worth … [Read more...]

Best Barbie Font for your next project

Barbie Font

If you are looking for barbie font, you have come to the right place. As a designer or a developer, fonts are an integral part of any project. They give life to the project by the means of typography. A good choice of font goes a long way and it doesn't matter if you are using it to enhance the visibility or the design aspects of the project. Barbie Font Barbie fonts are … [Read more...]