5 Best Internet Security Suites: Protecting You From The Hackers

best internet security

Security is an illusion -- best described by the chances we won't get hacked. The current generation hackers are improving their skill set and at the same time antivirus and firewalls are providing the right means to secure your online presence. On the bright side, the best internet security suites are protecting us from the hackers and the spying agencies to the maximum … [Read more...]

6 Beautifully Designed jQuery Mobile Templates Worth Considering


Many web developers are showing reluctance to using HTML5 web technology, because of the fact that several devices with old browsers doesn't understand HTML5 codes. And as a result, such devices ignore the codes, which causes issues while a HTML-enabled website is viewed on a mobile device running older browser versions. Fortunately, there are a number of jQuery Mobile … [Read more...]

Responsive Web Design: 5 Tools to Give Your Website a Velvet Touch


Gliding past the niggles and knots, responsive web design has turned from being a luxury to being a necessity. In regards to the responsiveness of the website, trends have hardly seen a shift, but webmasters of the world have only now started to realize that non-responsive web designs are the way to doom for any sort of business – a reality that's as true as it's harsh. Now, … [Read more...]

5 Best Free VPN: Browse Internet Anonymously!

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VPN(Virtual Private Networks) are special types of network used to protect data from being stolen by the 3rd party vendors or hackers. They provide a completely zoned area, where you are safe from the atrocities of a hacker or your rivals. Today, we discuss the use of free VPN and list the top 5 best free VPN out there to restore your privacy. The Internet is booming rapidly … [Read more...]

5 Adept Tools To Heighten Mobile App Development With Zero Coding Skills


No one can deny the fact that there are unprecedented opportunities in the mobile app development arena. The success of Smartphones, tablets and other Internet-enabled mobile devices across the globe have augmented the application development business. There are several giant mobile app development companies out there that are generating a great revenue. The growing demand of … [Read more...]

How to Create and Add Custom WordPress Widgets


WordPress comes with some amazing built-in functions. “Widgets” is one such default function that helps to add functionality to your theme’s sidebar, also known as widget-ready areas. However, default widgets always might not match up to your expectations of coming up with a website that functions according to your wants and needs. Besides, with time, eventually you may need … [Read more...]

The 5 Best CSS Frameworks for Web Designers


Frameworks are the backbone of almost every web application we see around. They bring structure and systematic approach to web application development and improve the work experience of the web developers by taking care of the minimal repetitive work. Why use a Framework? Framework defines a specific set of rules and regulations that can improve the development time and … [Read more...]

Best Resources to Learn WordPress


WordPress is a great platform; the community is lively, and the Open Source culture makes everything looks beautiful. Webmasters love WordPress as it gives them the opportunity to build any site in few hours. Learning WordPress from scratch is another proposition. It requires complete dedication and constant practice. Also, scouting for best resources on the internet can be a … [Read more...]

5 Best Free Resume Builder: Swift and fast resume building!

free resume builder

We all started our journey of building an excellent resume, by showing the path of writing an effective resume. The resume importance can never be neglected in the current market ecosystem. Companies absorb talent in a linear way, which includes releasing the job requirement through online portals or official website. After the job requirement reaches the participants, a vast … [Read more...]

How to write a Resume

How to write a resume

Whenever I go around the landscapes of high-tech city, I see people holding a resume in hand, lining up for the next job interview. In the current economy, there are few jobs and more unemployed personals. Well, education has not yet proved the right way to get jobs. A lot depends on the skill set of the candidate. Well, keeping all these facts apart, Resumes are the first … [Read more...]

Leveraging HTML6 features for enhanced web development


After having received a remarkable response for its already released versions, HTML is all geared up to woo the web developers via its sixth version. If you are an avid fan of HTML and want to dig deep into the features of HTML6, then this is a tutorial just for you. Here, I'll be talking about HTML6 and the way it is being utilized for developing high-end web solutions. A … [Read more...]

12 best free high quality image websites for designers


Images speak more than words. An image is equivalent to thousands of words. No one can deny the above quotes and even science acknowledges the fact that our brain can process images better than text, any time of the day. On the other hand, the visual impression of a website is an important factor for evaluation of the site by the visitors. Better design always helps and … [Read more...]

60+ Splendid Vector Illustrations For Inspiration


In adobe illustrator you can create all kind of objects with a lot of wonderful effects, one more real than the other. I have rounded up a collection of 62 vector illustrations for you to mull over and feast your eyes on for inspiration that goes deeper than pure aesthetic design. … [Read more...]

35 Beautiful Examples of Car Wallpapers


Today, we are showing you 35 Beautiful Examples Of Car Wallpaper that will help turn your PC into a real fun and joy. Enjoy! VW Beetle Sport Concept Concept car designs BMW M3 Younix Vyro Concept drift concept car i love drift Porsche - speedpainting Ford Fiesta Mazda Katana 2017 UPDATED Purpel Car 2008 Saleen S5S Raptor Ferrari F430 … [Read more...]

60 Impressive Examples of Fireworks Photography


Fireworks are really beautiful to watch and the photos that almost take your breath. People enjoy the fantastic blasts and the sparkling light displays of fireworks. The difficult part is to photograph them, timing is very important. The credit goes to all those talented photographers who taken these excellent photos with their efforts, imaginations and creativity. … [Read more...]