Mobile App Development Approaches: Native v/s Hybrid

Mobile App Development Approaches

Screens are getting littler and mobile applications are getting greater! With innovation and cell phones assuming a key part, the center has been transformed from what's essential on the web to the mobile applications on our gadget. Mobile applications are no more a choice – they are an absolute necessity! Yet, where do we begin? The article contains the various development … [Read more...]

How To Write A Customer Service Resume

Customer Service Resume

Customer Service is one of the booming jobs in the market. With increasing demand to meet the demands of customers, almost all sectors are employing their customer service unit for proper handling and problem solving of customers. In short, there is no single company in the market that doesn't have a customer service unit. So, what's there in for you? If you are looking … [Read more...]

350+ St. Valentine’s Day Icons

one icon700

As we approach Valentine’s day, you might need a thematic icon set to: Decorate your website Place an icon on a valentine card Send a love emoji to your partner Use it in a special project related to St. Valentine’s day – an app, blog post, etc. Icons8 are giving away 369 icons related to Valentine’s day to the community of Free Web Resources. Let’s take a closer … [Read more...]

Fishing Apps for Android

Fishing App for Android

Fishing Apps for Android : Whether it is hobby or profession fishing has been a thrilling activity for mankind since the stone age! Nothing beats the excitement of catching big fish and enriching your trophy. Although fishing rod and reel with a portable radio has been only technology fish hunters carried for a long time, the newest addition of smartphone has changed that a … [Read more...]

10 Signs You Should Invest in Mobile Apps


“Investing in mobile apps is no walk in the park.”- But, If you think that mobile apps are only for big name brands like Facebook, Amazon and Bank of America, you are wrong. These Days, More and more Small businesses are following the mobile app trend. You will notice that many businesses you interact with in your daily life have their own mobile app. “My Business is … [Read more...]

Best Equalizer For Android

Equalizer FX

Best Equalizer For Android: From our point of view it's best to avoid using equalizer since that alters the way the music developer actually intends the way it should sound. If you have a good quality earplug or headphone coupled with good sound processing method in your device that can produce quality music, we recommend you avoid using equalizer. But if you are a bass … [Read more...]

Wix Latest Features Review: Website Editor And Wix Music


I am always fond of the website builder. But, when it comes to choosing one, It's Wix that wins my heart over others. They make life easier and let anyone start their business quickly and hassle free. If you ask me to choose one website builder, it would be Wix. I have spent a good amount of time with the platform, and I must say that they have improved a lot in recent … [Read more...]

Business Analyst Resume Tips and Samples

business analyst resume

Business Analyst Resume Tips and Samples: Business analyst jobs are in demand. If you have an analytical mind and a keen interest in business problem solving, you are a real candidate for the job. But, the hiring firms or the HR doesn't just look at your passion. They go through a pre-defined process, check resumes and finally take interviews to find the best candidates for … [Read more...]

7 Top Skills To Put On A Resume

Skills To Put On A Resume

Top Skills To Put On A Resume: Resumes are the number one priority for any candidate who is seeking jobs. And skills is one the number one checklist for the employer who wants to hire new candidates. And, why not? After all, they are seeking the right candidate for their company. The first step is to know how to write a resume. We have already covered the topic in detail and … [Read more...]