5 Best SEO Plugins For WordPress


WordPress is one of the finest CMS and statistics also conqueror to this fact. Yes, it conquers almost a quarter of the world's websites. Webmasters love WordPress as the websites have all the necessary features for a kick-ass website. It includes amazing UI, UX, complete SEO ready and more. But, wait. Does the website SEO ready? The core of the WordPress is SEO optimized, … [Read more...]

How To Write Executive Resume


Current Job Industry is changing drastically -- job roles are changing, companies are looking for raw talent to take their venture out of the sky. With the turmoil and other factors, a job candidate or a working professional should always look for finding the next job. There is no time to waste, neither there is time to build up the resume after you lose your job or graduate … [Read more...]

14 Web Design Trends in 2015

Web Design Trends change every year and that's why at BFWR, we are presenting the Web Design Trends that are going to rock in 2015. Web is ubiquitous and every year the trends change much faster than we expect them to. Designing is one aspect which changes every year and it evolves more and more when new companies tend to invest their time in the online design. Without … [Read more...]

75 Awesome Minecraft Icons


Are you a fan of Minecraft, the sandbox game that enables you to become the master of the world by creating things that are only made in dreams? You are not alone, I also love Minecraft. For the uninitiated,  Minecraft is a sandbox game, currently owned by Microsoft and developed by Mahjong. The game began to surface in the November, 2011 and it took right off to the charts … [Read more...]

How Visual Analytics Help Mobile Apps to be More Engaging?


To be precise, analytical reasoning through visual interfaces is called visual analytics which is widely used in many scientific and tech fields including the mobile app development and betterment. Creating more engaging and interactive app is always a challenge for the app developers and often improving an app on such crucial aspects the developer team seems to be ready to … [Read more...]

10 Best Nursing Resume Templates

Nursing is one of the noblest jobs in the world. With the use of the right resume, you can crack the job of a nurse at a reputed hospital and even create networks for future job changes. Resumes are necessary for anyone to get into the industry or during a job transition. Nursing Resume Template can be used by nurses as a starting point of entering the job field. Nursing … [Read more...]

25 Tattoo Fonts to Enhance Your Project

Have you ever wondered using Tattoo fonts in your web designing, web app, website projects? If the answer is Yes! Then keep reading the article, as today we will list 25 Tattoo Fonts for your projects. Tattoo Fonts have really been used by the tattoo makers on the body of the person who is willing to make the tattoo. With more and more people are opening to the idea of using … [Read more...]

What You Need to Know About WiFi Thermostats

Flipping a physical switch on your HVAC system is such an archaic concept compared to today's WiFi-enabled thermostat models. With either a simple or complex touchscreen, modern thermostats give you a chance to control heating and cooling at the panel or through a WiFi connection. The system isn't magical, however, making it important to understand certain aspects of the … [Read more...]

Free online services to create and convert PDF documents

PDF format is one of the most popular document formats, which is often used for the storage and transfer of business documents, letters, instruction and other electronic documents. The convenience and widespread use of this format is because PDF documents are easy to read and compatible with a wide range of devices -- they are compact, support different types of text, … [Read more...]

5 Best Spy Apps for Android

Well, do you really need to spy someone? Many of us need to spy someone for safety and other reasons including tracking places they go to, people they meet etc. Spying Apps are readily available for Android and that's why we are going to discuss the 5 best spy apps for Android. But, the real question is whether spying is morally right or not. Spying someone for personal … [Read more...]