30 Amazing Examples Of Wide Angle Photography

More informally, in photography and cinematography, a wide-angle lens refers to a lens whose focal length is substantially shorter than the focal length of a normal lens for the image size produced by the camera, whether this is dictated by the dimensions of the image frame at the film plane for film cameras or dimensions of the photosensor for digital cameras.
In this article, We’ve compiled 30 of the most beautiful and breathtaking examples of Wide Angle photography.

reflections of sydney by paul dex

The Shell by Garry

Keep a tight ass by A.G. photographe

Midtown Shadow by Automatt

heavenly bandit by justin tippins

Bamboo Canopy by Jonathan Fleming

Inside the great pyramid of Cholula by Paco Alcantara

Edinburgh – Victoria Street by Ken Douglas

Usher Hall Stairs by Peter Walker

Untitled by Maurese Polizio

Burj Dubai – The World’s Tallest Tower by daveandmairi

Born In Krakatau by nico fredia

Seattle Space Station by Jason Hoover

History, Naturally by Al Richardson

until the end of the tunnel by Alessio Gigli

rising curve by Dennis Fischer

London Eye by Pablo Fern?ndez

Frosty Ladybower by Rick Harrison

endlich himmelblau by Till Krech

Bridge to a perfect hike by Janet Dixon

236 secondes of tranquility by Dan. D.

Vanishing Lines by johopo (John)

The memory remains by Alonso D?az

Fontaine des Fleuves by Haaghun




Kaleidoscope – Vatu-i-Ra Channel, Fiji

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