30 Free Western Fonts Collection

A good web designer should always take into consideration the need to learn about fonts – the different types, styles and availability. There is what we call as western fonts that you can add to your collection. Website design is not just about the output of the design itself; it also has something to do with all the minute details included. This includes the use of western fonts.

Whether or not you have a keen eye for design, humans in general are very visual. Therefore, we ourselves know which one is attractive and which one is not. At times we may not understand why something is not attractive, but if we dig into it very carefully, it might just be the font that’s holding the key to understanding everything.

While it may be safe to stick to the basic fonts, it does not hurt to try something new. Still, it does not mean that you will just use anything that you find pleasurable. Check the list of free western font’s collection below and see which one is attractive for you. The font should also serve as a complement to the overall theme of the created website.

Today we hand-picked 30 free western fonts which are designed in simplicity. We hope they may be useful for your design projects, such as poster design or retro western theme.

Bleeding Cowboys

Rio Grande

CM Old Western

Carnevalee Freakshow

Drift Type

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