30+ Impressive Examples Of Blog Header Designs

Blogging is a unique art. It requires writing engaging content, but the first thing that comes to the attention of the visitor is the blog header design. These design are loaded first on the webpage and offers a quick-insight on what you have to offer in terms of the uniqueness of the blog.

Many bloggers give a lot of time in customizing the blog headers, others just buy a premium or free theme on the blog. Whatever they might have done, the end result should be to have a blog with a great header.

Today, we will go through some of the impressive examples of blog header designs. They are all handpicked and will keep you hooked for a while. 🙂

So, why wait? Let’s start the list of 30+ blogs with unique header designs.

Web Designer Depot

Narf Stuff

Kristin Ascoop

Web Designer Wall

Elastic Media

Catalyst Studios

N. Design Studio


Gisele Jaque

Phil’s Proof

Black Moon


Rich Corner

That Indie Dude

Blog Spoon Graphics

Smooth Piece

Marchand de Trucs

Juan Diego


Tut Candy

Feed Stitch


Jason Bradbury

Blog Me Tender

Carbon Sugar

Siete de Febrero


Tennessee Vacation

Pixel Cool

10 Words


Ayaka ITO

Fran Frnandez