35 Wonderful Examples of bussiness card designs

Business cards represent your professional identity. With a creatively designed business card, businessmen and entrepreneurs can promote themselves among other professionals within and outside of their field. here a collection of 35 wonderful examples of bussiness card to inspire you.

1. Generation Green Die-Cut Business Card

2. Tailored shirt die-cut business card

3. Mouscacho business cards 2011

4. My Business Card

5. Benton Brothers Fine Cheese

6. BC Adventure

7. Blim Screenprinting

8. Franco Caligiuri

9. Broke Bike Alley

10. Mr. Lube’s gift cards

11. Eduard Cehovin

12. Kleines Schaf

13. Stella and Dot

14. Common

15. Sara Mantle

16. Wake Up Your Body

17. Feeding The Self

18. Paris by Night restaurant

19. Easel Business Card

20. Tok&Stok

21. Studio On Fire

22. Tyrone Menezes

23. Asterix

24. Sheetseat

25. Tennis Club Akademik Business Card


27. Business card

28. Business Card for a writer/ English professor

29. Feelme Crew Business Card

30. 3D Business Cards

31. Google Business Card

32. Sponge Business Card

33. Penny Shooter Business Card

34. Klinetech Business Card

35. Maxiria Business Card


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