5 Smart Ideas to Get Feedback from Customers

Meetings and brainstorms have come to define the usual routine of the marketing team. The entire staff is trying on a daily basis to find new angles for some fresh, educated guesses on what the customers expect from the brand.

However, often times, the best solution is the simplest. You just have to ask the clients what they want. Of course, they don’t know what they want for themselves most of the time, and they expect you to come up with a brilliant idea on how to make their life easier. However, the perfect product should listen to the customers first and then put a chaos in order.


So, what are these 5 smart ideas to get inside the customers’ mind?

1. Live Chat Support

Website visitors may find some of the online features unclear, like a product description, the location of a page or the checkout system. They need answers to managing a successful and well-researched purchase. However, the idea that they can enjoy more clear steps with your competition and that they don’t actually need the product will lower the chances that they will email their questions to you. It takes a longer time to search the website for the customer service email, open a second tab, and only then compose their request. Instead, they can simply find their answers in someplace else.

Offering a 24/7-hour live chat support will change their behavior for the better. It is a handy option, they have a picture of the customer care agent to make their connection less cold, and they don’t have to leave the website. This is a great way to find out the questions the customers have, that you can answer them with your next products.

2. Get Reviews from New Customers

Many businesses let go of a truly exciting opportunity. The process of turning leads into customers is a very complex one that requires numerous consultations with the purchase funnel. However, this process shouldn’t end the moment that first purchase is made, but it should go beyond that.

A simple email asking the new customers to write a short review a week after they bought your product will do wonders. It is a really smart idea that is, in fact, common sense if you come to think of it. The new customers have plenty of time to test your product. If they are delighted about their purchase decision, they will be willing to share their good experience with the world.

Don’t expect them to make this step by themselves. Usually, people come back to a place in moments of need. So, just a little push and a link to take them to the correct web page will trigger a thankful behavior. Of course, the reviews might be bad. However, negative feedback should receive a constructive aspect that will guide you in improving the service.

3. Cart Abandonment Moment

It’s a long way to go from a simple Internet user to a prospective client that is ready to make the order. However, the alarmingly high shopping cart abandonment rates tell a different story. They signal that in more than 50% cases, something stops the clients from purchasing the product in the middle of the process.

This forsaken moment is actually the right moment to ask for feedback. A short exit survey prolongs the visit a little longer to ask the clients the reason behind their cart abandonment. Most of them won’t dignify you with an answer, but the few ones that you’ll get will solve a real concern that seems to be a mystery.

4. Login Pages

Another smart strategy to gather customer feedback is to install a login system. Besides the fact that it has many other benefits, like the ability to create your own strong community, you can monitor the customer’s behaviours closely. Many ecommerce or financial companies embraced the customer account strategy in order to move all their customers’ activities on their.

The moment customers create an account on your website they unconsciously create a connection with the brand. The website earned their trust to protect their personal credentials, and with trust comes familiarity. The customers will spend more time on your website giving you enough time to monitor their activity.

The distractions that may interrupt a website session, like the urge to check email, social platforms or other interesting features and events throughout the Internet, will become fewer once the customers get used with your website. During this time, they will feel the impulse to contribute with product reviews or ask more sensible questions on your live chat.

5. Direct Contact

With the advent of Internet, a vital strategy seems to slip through the fingers of the marketing staff. This effective and timeless idea is contacting the customers directly for feedback.

No survey or product review can truly define the one thing that keeps the customers up at night. Some essential aspects of communication are missing from the online world. These insightful elements are the passion in their voices, the hesitations that give the customers time to think of a polite thing to say, the emotions that the tone of the voice delivers. Moreover, you can get a moment’s inspiration and ask more targeted questions based on their previous answers.

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There are many essential ways to get feedback from customers. The one thing that all of them have in common is the proactive behavior of asking for their help. There’s no harm in receiving rejections, but the feedback you’ll receive will help you ensure a successful evolution for your company.

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