5 Uptime Monitoring Service Subscriptions Giveaway by Monitive

Everyone knows that downtime is down for business. Relying on customers or friends to let you know when your website is down is as daunting as not looking in the mirror when you leave home in the morning. If your site or service has problems, you want to be the first one to know. This is the only way that you can minimize the damage that downtime takes on your reputation.

Monitive is an uptime monitoring service that periodically checks your website from different places around the world and instantly notifies you when your website goes down. And we all know that there is not 100% uptime. All websites go down sometime. Some more often, other less.
Win one of the five Premium accounts, free for one year that Monitive is kind to give away to BestFreeWebresources.com’s readers.

A Premium account is capable of monitoring up to 30 simultaneous services, at 1 minute intervals each. You can monitor HTTP(s), FTP, MySQL, DNS, Ping, SMTP, POP3, IMAP or your custom TCP port service.
Other features include:

• Domain expiration monitoring
• SSL Certificate expiration monitoring
• Malware monitoring
• Weekly reports
• Android app (iOS app pending approvement)
• Performance monitoring

Each time an outage occurs, you will be alerted via SMS/Push text message right on your mobile phone, email, Twitter direct message, and even PagerDuty or HTTP POST to a URL you specify. No more unknown downtime during the night, and no more surprises when you type in your website address.

After adding your services to get monitored, you’ll get a birds-eye overview of all your monitored services, with all the useful information in one place:

Advanced latency information will be available in a few hours or days, with hourly breakdown and country breakdown. This is the only way to see how your site is performing from different parts of the world, over time.

How can you participate?

Just add a comment to this post answering the following question:

How would you benefit from Monitive’s Premium subscription plan?

Giveaway details

This giveaway ends on 1 June 2013, so be sure to add your comment by this date. Please leave a valid email address so we can contact you in case you’re one of the winners. The winners will be selected randomly by using random.org’s list function, and they will be contacted by email by June 5th 2013. Please note that the comments not following the rules above do not participate in the giveaway and may be removed.

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