5 Ways to Prevent Your Phone From Being Lost Or Stolen

The mobile phone has evolved at an alarming rate. Virtually hundreds of new features and applications are added each month through apps and software updates, transforming the technology from a means to make calls on the go into something that allows you to do almost anything. For some people, phones hold sensitive banking and identification information that is oftentimes more valuable to a thief then snagging a wallet.

Today, your phone is the most valuable thing on your person at any given time. Luckily, whether your phone is lost or stolen there are plenty of tools to help you track it down.

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Steps to Prevent Your Phone From Being Lost Or Stolen

Plan Ahead


Photo by Matt Kieffer via Flickr

Most people will lose their phone at some point. If you like to go out and party, you’re probably familiar with the moment of elation following the realization that your phone has managed to stay in your pocket all night. If you aren’t so lucky, and you phone is gone, you’ll want to have the following information on hand to make tracking it down an easy process. Keep records of your phone number, phone make/model/, appearance details (color, size. touch/flip), the pin code, and the IMEI #.

Upgrade Your PIN

The first step to protecting your phone from falling into the wrong hands is password protection. Normally, your phone will opt for a simple 4-digit PIN code. Unfortunately, 4-digit PINs are not very secure. Most people, despite copious warnings from the media, news, and phone itself will use their birthday or first name as a 4-digit code. Congratulations, all of your friends can now access your most precious information in under three tries. If your phone offers thumbprint password protection or longer variations of passcodes, use them. Your credit card number will thank you.

Consider Insurance

Phones come in two flavors: free and extremely expensive. A free phone requires the usual two-year commitment, but purchasing a phone without such a commitment is like committing battery on your wallet. Large purchases need insurance, especially purchases that can be pick-pocketed easily in a crowded nightclub. Glassdoor.com users suggest Assurant. Assurant has positive reviews and diverse insurance applications.

Be Aware

One of the easiest ways to keep your phone from being lost or stolen is checking that you have it on your person frequently when attending large events in public spaces. The “2-Second Touch Test” involves feeling for your phone every 10-20 minutes, and after bumping into people, to ensure nothing has gone missing. Make this a habit and you’ll never lose your phone again.

Find My Phone Apps

Your phone is constantly recording its GPS information. This constant GPS tracking can be your most useful tool if you’ve taken the time to install a “find my phone” application. Some of these apps allow you to erase certain information on your phone remotely from a computer before a thief can access anything important.

Phones are more valuable than ever. Losing your phone or having it stolen can be a major setback that wreaks havoc on the rest of your week, so don’t let it. Take caution when carrying your phone to prevent a major pain and a trip to the cell phone store.