9 outstanding tips: How a creative resume for blogger should look like

It is a highly competitive world out there. With so many qualified individuals searching for a job, it is essential to highlight your qualities to make you apart from the rest. So if you are a successful blogger, chances are, you know a bunch of very valuable skills.

Blogging is an asset, and thank God it is a quantifiable asset. Even if you state that you are popular, you can never really prove it unless you have numbers, and blogging gives you numbers. You can state the thousands of views or retweets or number of clicks in your web’s hyperlink, all of which are a quantifiable estimate to your popularity. So if you want to highlight your blogging skills, then you have the numbers to back it up.


Tip #1 Incorporate your blog into your resume

If your potential job has any connection to your blog then let them know just how much you can do. If you are trying to get into social media marketing, give them some numbers on how many re-tweets, shares, views, comments your blog has. If you’re a vlogger, then why not make your resume a video? Show your video editing skills and your personality by giving them a taste of your work. If you are a fashion blogger and want to get into that industry, show them your knowledge by proving your popularity. Give your employers a sample of your work.

Tip # 2 Show them your web designing skills

If you have a successful blog, then most likely you have good web designing skills. Since you know how to engage a reader, you know how to create the content and layout of a website. Prove to your employers your competency with blogging platforms. Even if it just wordpress, knowing a platform proves that you are adept in using a computer.

Tip# 3 Prove your knowledge on branding and marketing

Honestly, millions of people have a blog of their own. But why is yours special? That is because you branded and marketed yourself differently. You had an idea about what works with people, and you created a direction for your blog to go to. Not only did you set your personality up for it, you also selected the visual effects of your blog, the music, the content etc. You knew what people like and you marketed that and became popular.

Tip # 4 Highlight your social media skills

Running a successful blog means you know how to gain and retain popularity. This means you know exactly the kind of content people like, which make you popular. This connection to your readers is essential if you are working in any kind of publicity or P.R function. Your blog following proves that people like reading your work and visit your site anytime you publish a new content.

Tip # 5 Showcase your writing skills

You are an engaging writer. That is why people like to read your work. If you are targeting a job which requires engaging articles, then you have proof that you are not the only one who loves your work, thousands of others do too. You can even provide some links to samples of your work and also provide the number of likes, comments and shares of that piece of writing to indicate its popularity.

Tip# 6 You are tech savvy enough to run your own site

This means that not only can you write, you can also find ways to make your blog profitable. Because of your blog following, you know how to get sponsors and live links to redirect people to other websites. You know exactly how much you can sponsor your blog without making it a marketing gimmick, and you can analyze the statistical data on Google Analytics. You know how to make money from your website.

Tip#7 Prove your influence

People listen to you. That is why you get live link sponsors. You can convince followers to try out products and services, because your readers trust your judgment. That popularity is why bloggers are paid so much for product reviews. This is a great thing why you should edit your resume, because it proves that you have the power to convince people about your views and opinions.

Tip#8 Remind them of your Photography, Photoshop and video editing skills

Even if you think you don’t know that, you do. You have a blog and I bet you are not making it interesting with just writing. You are conducting experiments and trying out different things. For that you are either taking pictures or recording videos. Editing the final product is something that takes a lot of skill. Photoshop editing is a career on its own and mad props to you if you have video editing skills. Not only do you know about lighting, noise cancellation, visual effects etc. you are good enough for your followers to come back for more. These are critical skills which take lots of hard work to learn, and you have that with you.

Tip#9 Emphasize the niche of your blog

Your blog is not general. It is about a definite topic which people like to learn more about. Whether it is tech, fashion, sports or even a lifestyle, you have definite knowledge on a topic and can create content on it through your own personal experiences. You have a great interest in that topic, which is why you initiated the blog, and you actually know about the stuff, which is why people like reading your work. All of this proves that you have considerable knowledge on the topic. If you are looking for work within that niche, then proving how much you know is essential, and a popular blog is a great indicator of that knowledge. It helps if you are popular enough for your employer to know about you anyway.

Now you are all set to write your blogging resume. Even if you don’t know it or have underestimated it, blogging has given you a vast array of skills which will help you stand out from the rest if you know how to market it well. The trick now is to incorporate all of that in a creative way so that your resume doesn’t look like a boring piece of paper, but I’ll leave that creativity up to you.