Ten Amazing Platforms to Help You in Your Job Search

In the past few years, several online platforms have risen to the challenge of successfully connecting job seekers and employees. Depending on the format of each platform, you can find job boards and pools of thousands of job listings that are now easy to browse through.

We’ve compiled a list of the top ten platforms to help you in your job search. It’s ideal to not limit yourself to just one or two platforms. With the astonishing diversity of both jobs and job searching engines, some websites specialize in bringing postings directly from employers into the spotlight, while others specialize in pulling job listings from a wide variety of sources.

Most platforms feature filters which customize your job search. Make full use of them and find the number 1 online platform that works for you.

Amazing Platforms for Job Search

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1. CareerBuilder.com

CareerBuilder.com is a top platform connecting employers and job seekers for well over a decade. Emphasizing human capital in a meaningful way, CareerBuilder has a strong presence in over 60 markets across the world, including Canada, Asia, Europe and South America. The largest market served by the job portal is the U.S.

You can sign up for free and join more than 24 million people who are connected to the platform. This online resource is easy to use, if not highly intuitive. Once you’ve set up your account and created a professional profile, you can upload your resume and cover letters.

CareerBuilder will surface job listings that perfectly match your skills and experience. In addition, it features multiple filters that allow you to search for the perfect job listings. You can include or exclude keywords, locations, industries and pretty much everything that’s a deal maker or a deal breaker for you.

To help you even further, CareerBuilder has a full section on career descriptions as well as salary calculators and other fun and useful tools. Thus, take your time, do your research, prepare your resume and stunning business card and find the job for you.

2. Indeed.com

Indeed.com is one of the most accessed job platforms. It lacks a glamorous design. Nonetheless, it pools job listings from a swath of sources which makes it perfect for finding local jobs, regional or national jobs.

This job search engine is uncluttered, easy to navigate and fairly easy to use. You can browse through the type of job you’re looking for: part-time, seasonal, full-time, internship and others. In addition, you can check the region or city, or enter keywords that will surface the exact job listing you’re looking for.

3. LinkedIn.com

LinkedIn.com functions as an online directory of both companies and professionals. This excellent platform requires you to sign up and create a LinkedIn professional profile to make the best of the opportunities it provides.

It’s used by millions of professionals and companies worldwide for a diverse scope range. You can use LinkedIn to do a bit of company research, job research, networking, connect with peers, affiliates, alumni and many other business groups.

If, for instance, you want to work for a major financial services corporation, such as Morgan Stanley, you can use this platform to connect with people who are already employed there, get a feel of the environment and maybe even score a recommendation. When you’ve done all these steps and feel confident enough about your chances, you can go ahead and research their application process and then aim for your desired position.

4. Dice.com

Dice.com is the number one destination for tech-related jobs. This platform may have a more specialized target audience, but it’s excellent for this niche. You have to register and sign in with your details to benefit all of the features provided by dice.com. In addition to job listings from all the companies active in this area of expertise, you’ll find career tips and tech news to guide you through landing a tech-related job.

5. Idealist.org

Idealist.org connects over 111,000 organizations with professionals, students and entry-level job seekers who are willing to work for a cause. Browsing through the employment or volunteer opportunities here doesn’t require an account or a profile. However, it’s recommended that you create one so that organizations have a better understanding of how you fit the profile they are searching for. This is a great resource to kick start your career, as well as develop skills along the way.

6. LinkUp.com

Create a profile on LinkUp.com and uncover all the hidden job listings which are typically unadvertised. The great thing about LinkUp is that it permanently monitors large, small and mid-sized companies to pull job listings present on their websites, but rarely advertised.

You will find jobs from across the U.S., all unique and current listings. You can filter through them by zip code, city or other location details.

7. SimplyHired.com

The excellent and user-friendly platform you’ll find at Simplyhired.com brings more than just great jobs. It simplifies the process of searching through millions of job listings through various filters that you can activate or deactivate as you wish. The platform is highly flexible, interactive and has an abundance of tools that keep you informed on salaries, job descriptions, career development and other key topics that help you land the job of your dreams.

8. Monster.com

Monster.com operates job platforms with millions of listings in the U.S., Europe, Canada, the Middle East, as well as the Pacific Rim and Asia. Signing up on this monster platform is guaranteed to lead you to your dream job. You can upload your resume and cover letters directly on the platform. You can have them distributed through specialized services. You can search for any type of job in almost any industry and Monster will surface the exact listings that fulfill your criteria. Employers are also connected on this platform, so making contact isn’t too difficult.

9. US.jobs

Job seekers in the United States can also access US.jobs, an extensive platform that is the result of a partnership between the National Association of State Workforce Agencies (NASWA) and Direct Employers. Direct Employers is a U.S.-based nonprofit HR association.

Against this background, US.jobs pulls job listings from the private sector and the public sector. It boasts approximately 1 million job listings nationwide. Those are plenty of opportunities for employment. You don’t need an account to browse the platform for the perfect job listing for you. However, creating an account will allow you to upload and save resumes, cover letters and applications.

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10. SnagaJob.com

SnagaJob.com is the largest platform providing U.S. job seekers the opportunity to land hourly and part-time jobs. There are more than one million job listings as well as 65 million registered users. This is a great free online resource to snag an hourly job to round your income or get some work experience.

These amazing platforms aren’t listed in any particular order. Try them out and find out for yourself which one suits your interests and job aspirations and make the best of the tools it offers. Be prepared to land an interview with so many job listings being just a few clicks away. Prep your resume, adjust your cover letter and find some inspiration here on how to done the perfect attire when your prospective employer calls you for the job.