10 awesome out of the box business signages

When it comes to branding a business, it is vital to think of every aspect from the signs and the website through to the business cards and uniforms. Every business uses a slightly different tactic when it comes to advertising but one thing that all businesses with a premises such as a shop or office should have is good signage.

Experienced sign writers in Perth, London, Seattle or any other major city in the world can be found online and they will be able to create a sign that works with the company brand to ensure that everyone from customers to employees will instantly recognise the business.

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Let’s take a look at some of the best business signs:

  1. Entry Statement

This vertical sign really helps a place of business stand out and it is a digital sign that is popular for offices, shopping outlets and education centres. The digital screens are designed for outdoor use and the LED lighting will illuminate the sign at night, making it a great way to market a business 24 hours a day.

  1. Make it Fun

Everyone likes to laugh, so why not create a funny sign? Restaurant owners can write a sign that says: “Well behaved children welcome. All others will be made into pies.”

  1. Digital Info Kiosk

These kiosks can be single or double sided and are touch screen, and they are perfect for using inside a busy office block or shopping centre.

  1. State the Obvious

Writing something that states the obvious can catch people’s eye, such as a pizza restaurant sign that simply says: “We Have Pizza”.

  1. Digital Directory

A large digital directory can be used in a number of different locations, namely:

  • Train and bus station
  • In an office block
  • In a hospital
  • Stock exchanges
  • Shopping centres
  • Airports

They can be used to advertise times, products or prices and they can be used outdoors and indoors, depending on the model.

  1. Centre Kiosk

This digital sign is a popular choice and the base will feature the company logo and it can come with a static screen, a touch screen and the option to have it double sided.

  1. Funny Signs

Humour can be used in signs, such as a funny slogan.

For Example: Outside a restaurant or cafe, use a sign that says: “It’s hard to kidnap fat people. Stay safe, eat more!”

  1. Use Bright colours

Kingman Visual sign writers in Perth understand that using loud, bright colours will be eye catching and colours work well on all kinds of business signs.

  1. Make it Memorable

Signs should be memorable, so write something like: “Sorry, we’re open” to get people’s attention.

  1. Be Clever

Lastly, be clever with the signage to make it edgy. Bar owners can use a sign that has large writing for the words “beer” and “free” but in smaller letters write the words “great” and “Wi-Fi” so at a first glance it looks like an advert for free beer.

Professional sign writers will be able to work with any business to create the perfect sign for different audiences, so save time and hassle and employ an expert to design a sign.