75 Awesome Minecraft Icons

Are you a fan of Minecraft, the sandbox game that enables you to become the master of the world by creating things that are only made in dreams? You are not alone, I also love Minecraft.

For the uninitiated,  Minecraft is a sandbox game, currently owned by Microsoft and developed by Mahjong. The game began to surface in the November, 2011 and it took right off to the charts as one of the best sandbox survival game. Minecraft is a creation of Markus Persson, which started as one-man project. The game is now currently being developed under the likes of Microsoft. With the development power of Microsoft, things can change quickly. Still many Minecraft lovers are not really happy with the acquisition. But, the acquisition will surely help the launch of Minecraft for Windows phone.

The game has a simple block that can be used to create anything. The game bring creativity and is famous among kids, who keep playing for long hours. I am also addicted to the game. The end result is what matters to me and like any other Minecraft player, the output is amazing items that we can create using the tools given in Minecraft.

Minecraft supports heavy modding and that’s why today we are going to list 75 Awesome Minecraft Icons, which can be used both in-game and for creative development projects.

The amazing Minecraft icons provides developers and designers the opportunity to use these amazing icons in their project. You may ask, why Minecraft icons? The popularity of Minecraft adds value to the icons. The users of your would be app can easily identify the icons and automatically add value to the project. The icons itself are amazing and can be used in any type of project, be it web project, app project or a school project. The opportunities are endless.

75 Awesome Minecraft Icons

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