Best Android Calendar App To Keep You Organized

Keeping yourself organized is a big task. With events, meetings, job tasks, traveling, family and other work schedules, it becomes tough for professional to keep track of their work and life. The default Android calendar app has its own benefits, but its far from being perfect and that’s why today, we will list the best android calendar app to keep your organized and productive.

The basic calendar app comes with the calendar and does not try to innovate or help users to find the best possible way of approaching of managing the month’s planning. The basic android calendar app fails miserably in this department with just a bland, out of the shape app that just does the job with no sense of innovation.

The good thing about having a bad Android calendar is that now developers can focus on more innovative solutions and that’s why we are going to list the best Android calendar apps to keep you in much better shape throughout the year. Normally, I love to schedule 2 weeks of my work in advance.

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1. Google Calendar

License: free

best android calendar apps - Google Calendar

No one beats google in terms of simplicity and functionality. The simple Google Calendar app is famous and already been used by lots of people across the world. With great UI and ways to set your schedule according to the perspective of a day, month or a year — the app does it all.

The app can be a great choice for people who are already using Google calendar on the web. With similar layout, it would take minimal time to get started. The app has minimal UI and you can get used to it in hours.

Download. Google Calendar

2. Sunrise Calendar

License: Free

best android calendar apps - Sunrise Calendar

Sunrise Calendar app is in the news for the past month or so. Yes, it got acquired by Microsoft and this proves a lot for the capability of the Calendar. The Sunrise Calendar has an amazing UI to work with. With instant look at the upcoming events, better controls, and a weekly view, the app is here to stay.

People who love categorization will love this application. You can set different set of workouts, which in turn change the icon of the schedule.

Download: Sunrise Calendar

3. SolCalendar

License: Free

3-sol-calendar - android calendar app

Looking for something different? Then, SolCalendar is for you. This calendar app has all the basic calendar features, but also boasts some uncanny features that will keep you hooked for a good time.

The SolCalendar offers weather reports, which can be used to set up the schedule. With Google tasks sync, you can customize the app. It also supports unique stick packs. Another feature that make the SolCalendar different is gesture based navigation.

Download: SolCalendar

4. Cal

License: Free

best android calendar app - Cal


An amazing looking app that embeds all the basic calendar features. The design of the app is the greatest feature. The app can be used to add To-Do list, which is also the strongest point of the application.

Other features include chronological listing, shaded blocks and more

Download: Cal

5. Jorte Calendar

License: Free

5-Jotor - android calendar app

A great calendar app with options to help business increase their productivity. It can be synced with Google task and it also supports google maps such that you can use it to locate your next meeting and other important location.

The app is best useful for business professionals.

Download: Jorte Calendar

Wrap Up

We live a busy life and with a good calendar app, our life can become a clutter. Today, I tried to list the 5 Best Android Calendar Apps that will help you keep you organized and productive.

Do you think, I missed something? Comment below and let us know.