5 Best Free VPN: Browse Internet Anonymously!

VPN(Virtual Private Networks) are special types of network used to protect data from being stolen by the 3rd party vendors or hackers. They provide a completely zoned area, where you are safe from the atrocities of a hacker or your rivals. Today, we discuss the use of free VPN and list the top 5 best free VPN out there to restore your privacy.

The Internet is booming rapidly and so the need for securing the whole World Wide Network. There are several protocols, algorithms and strategies to completely dissolve your network into darkness, i.e. hiding it from the other people who want to have a sneak-peak into your private network.

Another important use of a VPN is to protect your data in Public WiFi Hotspots. Wireless still is the most vulnerable network and hackers can easily access vital information during the browsing time.

With the advent of spying agencies like the NSA, securing networks is completely changed now. NSA is spying on almost all the major networks and it’s high time for you to secure your online browsing using VPN.

Other important uses of using VPN are browsing websites that are country restricted. Many sites across the world are restricted to zone broadcast either because of copyright laws or restricted due to the country laws itself. The idea of free speech is widely disregarded, but that’s the topic for another day.

Best Free VPN

Today, We are going to list 5 best Free VPN, that will enable you to use the Internet as it was meant to be.

The HotSpot Sheild

The HotSpot Sheild is the perfect tool to browse the internet anonymously and securely, but if you are looking for browsing sites such as Hulu or other US based website then you will be disappointed. Currently, the HotSpot Sheild service is available in two flavors: Free and Premium. The free version can be annoying for people, who do not like advertisements, but there is nothing called free these days. Free versions generally have some drawback compared to the paid versions. The HotSpot Shield Server is present in Japan, UK and Australia.

best free vpn - hotspot-premium

The good news for the free version is the unlimited data transfer and this will keep you busy for most of the time. Understanding the purpose of freedom is the key here. The maximum download speed through the VPN is also good, reaching 6.5 MB/s.

The HotSpot Shield is also available for your mobile devices such as Android based device, iPhone or Blackberry. So if you are worried about being secure on the move, then HotSpot Shield can help.

Installation of the application is easy and can be done in just a few clicks. Once it is installed, it will ask for securing unknown networks connected to your PC. You can choose any of the options available and proceed further.

The Tunnel Bear

best free vpn - tunnel bear

The name speaks for the service; well it explains the reasons for its nomenclature. The tunnel is analogous to the internet tunnel created during the VPN process. Like other best free VPN services, Tunnel Bear comes in two flavors. The free version that limits the data usage to only 500 MB per month and the premium version with no such kind of limitation.

The free version data limit can be increased by tweeting about their services and if you are a bear lover, chances that funny tunnel bear tweets can grab you more data usage per month.

The Tunnel Bear servers are present UK, Canada, US, Germany, Japan and France. There is one premium server in Australia and only paid users can get access to it.

Speed Wise the VPN provides download speeds up to 12 Mbps. Moreover, the application can be used on multiple platforms.


best free vpn - VPNBook-free

VPNBook is a completely best free VPN and is quite different from other VPN services available. The way, it works is intriguing and interesting to look at. There are already available bundles that can be downloaded and launched using the OpenVPN client.

VPNBook supports multiple devices and also readily support the PPTP (Point-to-Point Protocol) to protect your device from external hackers and surveillance. Their servers are present all over the US, Canada and Europe.

The download speeds are not that handsome to look at, but keeping the fact in mind that the service is completely free makes the justification for low download speeds. The speeds range from 2-3 MB/s.


best free vpn - CyberGhost-thanks

CyberGhost is one of the best free VPN service providers out there. They provide both free and paid services. As usual, the free service is not completely free from flaws. There are some limitations by using the free version of CyberGhost. The first limitation is that you will be logged off the system every 3 hours. The limitation is to kick out inactive users from the server resources. For paid users, there is no automatic log out.

Another limitation includes non-access to their iPad version. Only Premium users can grab services for iPad. And the last limitation is the server accessible by free and premium users. Only 14 countries server is accessible for free users, whereas 24 countries server can be accessed by Premium users.

best free vpn - user-inteface-cyberghost

The User Interface of the application is extremely good, proving aesthetic is also important for VPN based services. The download speed under the VPN hovers around 4Mbps.

proXPN 2.5.0

best free vpn - prxovpn

PxoXPN 2.5.0 is a nice entry in the best free VPN list. The free version provided by proXPN is completely free from ads.

proXPN supports both PPTP and OpenVPN which in turn improves the functionality of the service. Moreover, the application is available on multiple platforms. The servers are available for major countries like US, UK and other European countries.

Overall, the service does the job perfectly, securing you and your data from hackers. It can also be used in Wi-Fi Hotspots. The only drawback of the service is the non-availability of the Android version. So, if you are using an Android device, you need to shift to other best free VPN service. The download speeds are also average, ranging from 2-3 Mbps.


Finding best free VPN service depends on the location of the user too. So, it is advised to try out VPN services until you find the perfect VPN.

Have any best free VPN service in your mind? Do not forget to comment below!