5 Best Free WordPress Advertising Plugin

Looking for the Best Free WordPress Advertising Plugin? Then, you have landed on the right page. With blogging becoming a trend these days, it is high time that bloggers monetize their blog to earn for their hard work.

The most easiest way is of course Google Adsense and it can be acquired if some basic procedures are taken by the bloggers. But, there is one big hurdle that needs to be taken care off before one starts to earn good amount. The placement of ads and handling them is quite a job and that’s why we will list the best free WordPress advertising plugins for you. Banner addition can also be done using the plugins we are going to share.

5 Best Free WordPress Advertising Plugin

1. Advanced Ads

A simple advertising plugin that enables you to take care of the advertisement on your website. With features such as ad rotation, ad injection, support, scheduling and others, it is one of the best advertising plugins out there.

The plugin is easy to install and works great with Google Adsense.

1. Advanced Ads Best Free WordPress Advertising Plugin

2. Wp125

Many affiliate websites look for 125 x 125 spaced ads. The default themes rarely come with the option to add these ads. With Wp125, you can easily add the ads of your need. Using the plugin is easy and offers lots of features to work with.

3. AdPlugg

A great plugin to get most of your advertising campaigns. With the help of the plugin, you can get your hands on the analytics of each of the ads published.

The analytics can be used to gather more information on their performance and hence can be rotated and scheduled according to best performance.

The plugin is free to use up to a limit. The limit is 100,00 impressions and you can get hold of a free account from their website. The paid versions are also flexible, so if you are getting more impressions, do go for the paid version.

3. AdPlugg - wordpress ad plugin

4. WP Advertise It

Looking for a plugin that works with Amazon Affiliate Links, Commission Junction and Google Adsense, then WP Advertise it is for you.

Handling the plugin is easy and works great from the default settings. The plugin virtually supports every location of the WordPress theme, so you will find it easy to use the plugin.

The only downside of the plugin is its long settings page, but it can be understood keeping in mind the number of revenue systems supported by the WP Advertise It plugin.

5. Meks Easy Ads Widget

Widget advertisement is quite common among the bloggers and it is evident that many of you would love a plugin that supports only widgets. Meks Easy Ads Widget does what you are looking for. With a high emphasis on widget advertisement, you can create as much advertisement as you need.

The plugin is easy to install and you can also rotate ads according to your liking.

5. Meks Easy Ads Widget - free wordpress plugin for advertising management

Wrap Up

With the 5 Best Free WordPress Advertising Plugin, it is quite obvious that you have gained an insight on which add plugin to use.  Do you think, I missed one of the best free WordPress advertising plugin? Comment below and let us know.