5 Best Internet Security Suites: Protecting You From The Hackers

Security is an illusion — best described by the chances we won’t get hacked. The current generation hackers are improving their skill set and at the same time antivirus and firewalls are providing the right means to secure your online presence. On the bright side, the best internet security suites are protecting us from the hackers and the spying agencies to the maximum extent. (Remember, security is an illusion and hackers are always evolving)

We love the internet and that’s lead many a man or women astray on providing every single detail about our personal life, work life and even sex life. The situation is getting more worse as the Internet is becoming an internal part of our lives. Most of us cannot live our life anymore without the internet and the information it carries.

The Internet when used carefully can yield as one of the gateways that provide valuable information for anyone looking to improve him/herself. All news stuff, knowledgebase information and any kind of useful information can be found on the internet. The arrival of spying agencies brings more questions on the privacy and security of online information.

That’s why we are going to review some of the best internet security suites that will protect your from online hackers and spying agencies.

So, Why Choose an Internet Security Suite?

The Internet Security Suite is opposed to what we traditionally know about just antivirus and firewall. The suite contains parental control, malware protection, PC Tune or One-Click Optimizer, Password storage and more. They are the one-stop solution to all your needs. Once you choose one of the best internet security, you are safe from all the atrocities that occur on the internet.

Metrics that we took into consideration while ranking the Internet Security Suite.

  • Internet Protection: A good track record that showcases the capability of the Internet Security suite in protecting you from the best of the hackers.
  • Help and Support: Without great support and help documents, you can feel lost and start questioning the purchase of the internet security suite. A great support team makes sure that you never feel bad about your purchase. They solve your custom issues in a jiffy and helps improve the user experience with the software.
  • Startup Impact Time: I cannot magnify the impact of Internet security suite have on the startup time. Any security suite that slows down the startup time of the windows is not worth having. It can decrease the overall user experience and feel bloated most of the time.
  • Resources and Other factors: Again, no one wants their resources to be clogged by the security suite. The best internet security suite always makes sure that minimum resources should be used for optimal user experience. Other factors include user interface, speed of the scan and more.

Let’s start with the list of 5 best internet security suites that can protect your from the hackers.

1. BitDefender Internet Security 2015

best internet security

BitDefender is No.1 in our 5 best internet security suite. The features of the suite are unparalleled compared to other internet security suites available online. The suite provides complete online security with speed of execution. The suite also provides parental control for the kids, so that they do not get to the malicious site online by mistake. You can also control their online browsing by banning adult sites or sites not appropriate for the kids.

This best internet security suite comes for only $79.95 and can be used on 3 PCs, for a period of 3 years. The interface and functionalities of the software are simple to use and understand. They also provide cloud protection and supports securing your sensitive data with the help of two-way firewall.

The suite also offers backup and tune-up options. It also supports all the major operating system including and Windows 7 and 8.

2. Norton Internet Security

best internet security

Norton has been active in the security field for more than a decade and their experience in the field reflected by the security features that are available, within the software suite.

The suite is an excellent piece of security software that are highly skilled in detecting malicious and fraudulent websites. The rise of ransomware sites and software are increasing and Norton Internet Security is the perfect tool to protect you from ransomware. The suite also offers password manager that manage all password related work.

The system is also protected when other software installation so that no malicious software gets its way to the system files. The tool that monitors the software installation is Network Map. It also features startup manager.

The main component of the Norton Security Suite is its intelligent firewall which also offers accurate spam filtering. The only downside of the suite is its impact on system performance.

Norton Security System provides all the components for the best internet security system.

3. Kaspersky Internet Security

best internet security

Kaspersky Internet Security is one of the most popular internet security suite available. Anyone who makes constant online transactions and surf the social network should get the Kaspersky Internet Security. It includes all the components for maximum security both online and offline.

The core protection of the suite includes real-time protection with proactive detection of malware. You can also choose to scan websites for malicious code and other threats. Cloud protection is also provided with the internet software suite.

Protecting your identity online becomes easier with Kaspersky Internet Security. Supports launching of the virtual keyboard for protecting you against keyloggers. This best internet suite performs faster during startups and background operation. It also supports gamer mode.

Advanced Protection features include the two-way firewall that is efficient in blocking hacker attacks. Other features include rescue CD that brings back system from the dead state.

The suite is available for just $35.00 through Amazon.com. Best bang for buck security suite.

4. McAfee Internet Security

best internet security

McAfee, another popular name in providing security solutions for the PCs. McAfee Internet Security proves another instant force in protecting your PC from all type of threat, both online and offline.

This best Internet Security Suite provides a lot of component features to juggle with. The best component is the CleanBoot rescue CD that process difficult situation and installs the antivirus on the already infected systems. Another reason, why I would recommend McAfee Internet Security is their robust malware blocking.

McAfee Internet Security offers instant webmail processing so that no spam emails reach you. It also provides shredder, system tuneup, vulnerability scanner and more. The software suite can be grabbed for just $55.99.

5. WebRoot Internet Security

best internet security

WebRoot Internet security is the new player in the security providers and their solution looks neat and powerful. WebRoot Internet Security is the fastest internet security available and that is the reason for its inclusion in the best internet security suites.

The suite is small in size and also available for only $29.95. Functionality wise it protects your computer from both internal and external threats. Virus and spyware are warded off without much difficulty. Scan time is also fast.


The online world is changing rapidly with new technology emerging almost every second day. With more technologies, the necessity to protect your computer from different types of hacks is also needed. That’s why we listed 5 best internet security suites that protect you from all kind of threats, both online and offline.

Have any security suite that worked for you? Let us know!