15 best material designs on the web

15 best material designs on the web is an attempt to gauge the importance and current traction of the newest design philosophy that utilizes the undertakings of minimalism and flat design approach.

Material Design is not completely new, we see them around us weaving the beauty of the web, on portable devices and in our imagination. The concept of material design comes from providing a uniform UI experience with materials that are flat in nature. Technically, the materials don’t have the depth of more than 1 dp thickness.

Google’s Material Design represent a lot of current web development practices that points on minimalism and less on creating bloated 3d objects that provide no use in the current web development scenario.

Material Design is the new king and we would love it to stay here. That’s why we want to list 15 best material designs on the web.

The reason is simple; the material design utilizes textures, hues, shading and other visual elements to provide an amazing 3D view that is not really 3D in nature. They are minimalistic and that means, other content have the chance to shine in the context of design.

The trend of using Material design started with the official release of material design by Google. You can read more in-depth technical overview of the material design here.

The popularity of the material design increased with the traction gained through the announcement of material design usage of Android Lollipop and from that point, many developers started working on the new design philosophy.

The web is immense and finding 15 best material designs was not an issue. But, we also made sure that we choose the best out there.

1. One-hand Mobile Concept

A cool sleek one hand mobile concept where the user can perform most of the task from one hand. The concept is being created using material design.


2. Google Chrome Icon

Who doesn’t love Google Chrome and that too in material design? Amazing!

best material designs

3. Google Docs Animation

Material Design can create visually appealing designs as shown here.


4. Activity Tracking App

A simple material design experimenting different facets of activity tracking app.

activity app

5. Material Design Card

I love card design and material philosophy adds more value to it.

card material design

6. Google Play Animation


7. Mail App Prototype


8. E-commerce


10. Resume Material Design


11. Google+ Animation


12. Soundcloud Redesign


13. Linkedin Redesign


14. Trello Redesign


15. News Material Design