Best Resources to Learn WordPress

WordPress is a great platform; the community is lively, and the Open Source culture makes everything looks beautiful. Webmasters love WordPress as it gives them the opportunity to build any site in few hours. Learning WordPress from scratch is another proposition. It requires complete dedication and constant practice. Also, scouting for best resources on the internet can be a tough task.

That’s why, we have done all the hard work for you. Today, we list the best resources to learn WordPress.

Learning is an easy task, only and only if learned from structured resource. That’s why we are listing the web resources ideal for both the beginners and the expert audience.

WordPress learning can be categorized into two sections, one section relates to learners who don’t want to get into coding, and they just want to learn how to install WordPress and quickly get started with their website. The second section of learners prefers in-depth learning. They are generally professional developers and designers, who are looking to expand the horizons of their knowledge.

Is WordPress learning easy?

Before, we go with the list, I would like to address the question of how tough it is to learn WordPress? The answer depends on what the learner is looking for. WordPress is the world’s most popular CMS and it would be quite evident from the fact that there would be a huge amount of learners looking for right training.

The learning curve of WordPress for non-technical purposes is not steep, but if you are looking to get into WordPress coding, then the learning curve can be daunting.

Pre-requisite for learning WordPress

For non-technical learning, there is no prerequisite at all. You can get started with the WordPress CMS and learn how to control of the administrator panel, publish posts, use plugins and more. Other basic tasks include changing the typographical settings, uploading images and more.learn-wordpress

For technical learning, the path can be a real bent. You might need to know the basics of coding in PHP language. You should know how to debug and improve coding quality.

WordPress learning is different from learning how to code. WordPress has its own set of library that include concepts alien to any new programmer looking to get started with WordPress theme or plugin development.

If you are looking to build a theme then there are other skills that you need to learn. Skills such as User Interface design, front-end coding are just few of the skills you need to become a Rockstar WordPress Developer.

Show me the best resource to learn WordPress!

Let’s list the resources that you need to get started with WordPress Development and learning.

  • SiteGround WordPress TutorialSiteGround is a popular WordPress Hosting providers and their knowledge base is strong. They offer all the basic and necessary tutorials to get started and maintain your WordPress blog.
  • WordPress Official Learning Repository: WordPress official Repository contains all the information regarding WordPress development. The repository starts from the basics and then move to the more advanced theme or plugin development.
  • WpBeginner TutorialsWpBeginner is the leading WordPress resource providers on the internet. The tutorials listed on the WpBegineer targets both beginners and expert.
  • CreativeBlog amazing list The link contains best 60 WordPress tutorials to learn from.
  • Learn WordPress: A personalized website to learn WordPress from scratch. No coding lessons are available here.
  • WordPress Step to Step Video Tutorial on building WordPress website can be found here.
  • Another great Youtube video that shows how to build a WordPress website.
  • iThemes WordPress resourceA great beginners website that teaches all the basics of WordPress 101.
  • WordPress 101A paid resource to get started with WordPress.
  • Lynda.comLynda is the most popular learning site. The site is perfect for all level of learners.

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