6 Best WordPress Photography Themes For Online Presence

WordPress is great for creating any website including business, personal and others. If you are a photographer is looking for a WordPress theme that supports photography then you have landed at the right place.

Today, we will list Best WordPress photography themes that will actually capture the essence of your photos and can give them a house to live. WordPress provides the right platform for creating a visually appealing website. Also, photographers are not coders and have less technical knowledge about the computers. So, it is always wise for photographers to choose the WordPress platform as it is easy to maintain.

So, why the wait? Let’s list the best WordPress photography themes.

WordPress Photography Themes

1. Diamond

Diamond is a WordPress Photography themes that thoroughly understand the needs of a photographer. The theme is full of features and comes with the complete responsive design.

With great typography and great design, it is easy for the photographers make the photos take all the glory. The theme supports full-screen slider and has support for both the images and video files.

1-Diamond - WordPress Photography Themes

2. Photocrati

Photocrati is a clean and modern WordPress Photography Theme. With a variation of more than 60 style variations, the theme makes an amazing option for the photographers.

The theme has a powerful dashboard and used by different photographers around the world. The theme is completely responsive and provides WordPress integration.

2-photocrati - Photography Theme

3. Soho

A new entrant in the market, Soho looks promising. It has a complete full-screen layout and can enhance the photograph. With so much at the display, the backend is also powerful and offers a great intuitive and enjoyable experiences for the photographers.

The theme also supports masonry style and can give life to the blog. You can also engage the readers with some content. Overall, a great WordPress Photography Theme.

3-Soho - WordPress Theme

4. Vega

Vega is ultimate WordPress photography them. It comes with high-resolution support and excellent documentation.

Features include complete responsive design, drag and drop interface design and ability to customize it to the heart’s content. The theme drag and drop interface offers high customizability options as it requires no coding of any sort.

4-Vega - WordPress Photography Themes

5. Santino

Santino is the most useful WordPresss photography theme. The attractive meter of the theme is extremely high and is perfect for photographers and creative agencies.

The theme uses modern theme building techniques and hence is completely responsive. Images can also be animated creating an incredible paradise for the theme.

The theme also supports Google map integration and Ajax navigation.

5-santino - WordPress Photography Themes

6. eClipse

Another great WordPress photography minimalistic theme for your online presence. The most important aspect of the theme is masonry grid.

The theme is coded with latest HTML5 and CSS. The theme is also responsive and can be used by creative agencies, photographer, and other media-oriented blogs. The theme supports all the major plugin and has great documentation.

6-eclipse - WordPress Theme for photography

Wrap Up

The 6 best WordPress photography themes are handpicked for all the photographers who want to build a website that appeals to the masses and showcases their talent.

Have any other theme in mind? Comment below and let us know!