Introduction of FotoJet an All-in-one Online Graphic Tool


Coming to the 21st Century, digital photo collages have become increasingly popular with more and more collage software and tools showing up. By gathering your multiple photos in one large place, you will be able to remember those precious memories for a very long time. All-in-one Online Graphic Tool provides an easy way to collect your photo moments creatively … [Read more...]

Tips to Improve the User Experience of your Website


If you are a website owner or thinking to own one in near future, you must be aware of the fact that “User Experience” is one of the determining factors for the success of your website. If you fail to provide a great user experience to your visitors you may loose potential customers for your business. On the other hand, if your website succeeds to mark a positive experience the … [Read more...]

How to Choose the Best Typography for a Minimalistic Website


Choosing a typography is an art in itself. With the range of elements, a minimalist site has to do away with; words are imperative for a website to express the website’s emotion. One of the crucial elements, text, requires special attention when it needs to sit on a beautiful site. Therefore, weaving a stunning, sharp and even custom typography is the ideal approach you can … [Read more...]

Playbill Font A Bold Corporate Font

Playbill font

Playbill Font :- Are you looking for the fonts with a bold corporate look for your next project? Well here is the font family you will find interesting. Making the right choice of fonts when you are preparing your project brings some added benefits to the success of your project. Playbill fonts are like the collection of spices that add the perfect test of doing your project … [Read more...]

12 Best Handwriting Fonts


If you are looking for the best handwriting fonts, you have landed to the right page. At BFWR, we love fonts and discussed many a times on how font selection improves the quality of a project. Handwriting fonts add a spice of personal touch and can be more intrusive than other types of fonts. Check the best engravers fonts for projects. Before, we move on to the list … [Read more...]

350+ St. Valentine’s Day Icons

one icon700

As we approach Valentine’s day, you might need a thematic icon set to: Decorate your website Place an icon on a valentine card Send a love emoji to your partner Use it in a special project related to St. Valentine’s day – an app, blog post, etc. Icons8 are giving away 369 icons related to Valentine’s day to the community of Free Web Resources. Let’s take a closer … [Read more...]

Heart Brushes Photoshop – Fresh Collection


Are you looking for heart brushes for Photoshop? If you do, you have landed on the right page. Heart Brushes Photoshop is one of most demanded brushes and their demand increases during the time of valentine and new year. Finding a good heart brush is a tough task. To make it easy for you, we will list some of the best heart brushes for Photoshop. These brushes can be used … [Read more...]