7 Tips On How to Create Beautiful Wide-Angle Portraits

picture 1_wide angle portraits

Photography is both knowledge and art. While it is true that you need a little bit of talent to create beautiful works of art, taking amazing pictures can also be learned. Furthermore, shooting wide-angle images can be tricky. Follow the tips listed below and improve your photography skills. What Is a Wide-Angle Photography? To be able to shoot wide-angle portraits, you … [Read more...]

Beautiful Examples of Newborn Photography

NewBorn Photography is one of the finest art that brings the new talent to the eyes. The shades of every living being start from this small step, which by effort and hard work brings more value to different species on Earth. Life is an ever-green dimension that captures the cycle of being born and growing old. Any life in any form is beautiful, condensing the thought of how … [Read more...]

Amazing Collection Of Galaxy Wallpapers

Galaxy Wallpapers is an attempt to revisit the galaxy around us. There is no doubt in my mind that all of us have one fascination and that is to find about the galaxy around us. Who created the galaxy? and other types of questions that stem yourself from curiosity. There are for example trillions and trillions of galaxy as opposed to our previous ancestors thinking of just … [Read more...]

25 Best Vintage Wallpapers, a visit to the past

Vintage Wallpapers are the most beautiful asset we have. They are free, beautiful and nostalgic. They carry a lot of emotional and historical significance and I have found myself attached to many of these beautiful wallpapers. Today, we have tried to list 25 Best Vintage Wallpapers for your sense to revisit the history and the motion of change we have gone through all these … [Read more...]

30 examples of National Geography Animal Photography

National Geography is famous for their inquisitive approach to the animal kingdom. They clear hard paths and reach the dense forest to bring rare footage to their viewers and readers. And who doesn't like those beautiful and cute animal photos? Animal Kingdom is immensely diverse and at the same time scary. In the modern world, lots of people don't even bother about our … [Read more...]

30 Beautiful iPhone 5 Wallpapers

Do you want a beautiful wallpaper for your new iphone 5? Then you may like today’s post. Most people want to have gadgets and devices that express the word “quality”, and Apple products should fit in that perfectly. So if you want to beautify your iphone you cant do it with desktop wallpaper, there is little space for a wallpaper to take centre stage on an iPhone due to the … [Read more...]

35 Breathtaking Examples Of WaterFall Photos

If you’re a nature lover you definitely going to like this collection. There are plethora of places and scenes on this earth we must at least see for once. Nature photography tends to put a more importance on the aesthetic value of the image than other types of photography. … [Read more...]

50 Mind-Blowing Fantasy Wallpapers For Free


If you are in search of wallpapers which are decorated with beautiful fantasy art to liven up your desktop background screen then this post will offer you something that attracts your eyes. Because Each time we replace our wallpaper, it provides us a feeling of being in a different work environment. So ,to bring you this lovely feeling, we present you 52 Mind-Blowing Fantasy … [Read more...]