9 outstanding tips: How a creative resume for blogger should look like


It is a highly competitive world out there. With so many qualified individuals searching for a job, it is essential to highlight your qualities to make you apart from the rest. So if you are a successful blogger, chances are, you know a bunch of very valuable skills. Blogging is an asset, and thank God it is a quantifiable asset. Even if you state that you are popular, you … [Read more...]

Executive Assistant Resume Samples and Tips

executive assisstant resume

Executive Assistant Resume :- Executive Assistant are in high demand. The need to work under any circumstances and help the higher authority is what makes Executive assistant job is all about. Other challenges are necessary to be handled by the executive assistant. The work differs according to the type of the industry the person is employed. But, it is about helping the higher … [Read more...]

Top 8 Universities that Offer Alternative Learning Resources

1_young woman doing research

Alternative learning is an established approach in modern pedagogy, rising as an answer to traditional pedagogy and offering a set of innovative practices that are congruent with today's learners' needs, strengths, weaknesses, and personal environment. In the last decade, alternative learning proliferated in the United States, and according to a Babson Research 2015 report, one … [Read more...]

Acting Resume Template and Tips

Acting Resume Template and Tips

Acting Resume Template :- Acting is an ever growing industry with new talent on the flow. Unlike other trades, acting can be a tough industry to crack. The requirement of ability is a must, but the need to showcase your talent to the potential client is what makes it the most enticing of them all. Getting an acting job starts from the acting resume. Resumes are fundamentally … [Read more...]

Ten Amazing Platforms to Help You in Your Job Search

1_Searching for a Job

In the past few years, several online platforms have risen to the challenge of successfully connecting job seekers and employees. Depending on the format of each platform, you can find job boards and pools of thousands of job listings that are now easy to browse through. We've compiled a list of the top ten platforms to help you in your job search. It's ideal to not limit … [Read more...]

Receptionist Resume and Skills Guide


Receptionists¬†are one of the demanding jobs on the market and where Receptionist Resume works. Almost every setting require a professional communicator. It can be a university, a corporate office, or any other type of working space. Human interaction is always needed for many jobs out there. It is to be noted that receptionist is a crucial job and should not be taken lightly. … [Read more...]

Teacher Resume Templates and How-To

teacher resume template

Teacher Resume Templates - Teachers are the most prized citizens of our society. And, why not? They create the future with their knowledge and make current students ready for the challenges of the future. Teachers jobs are in high demand, especially the requirement for premium institutes remain unfulfilled most of the time. Just like any other jobs, hiring is done is … [Read more...]

How To Write A Customer Service Resume

Customer Service Resume

Customer Service is one of the booming jobs in the market. With increasing demand to meet the demands of customers, almost all sectors are employing their customer service unit for proper handling and problem solving of customers. In short, there is no single company in the market that doesn't have a customer service unit. So, what's there in for you? If you are looking … [Read more...]

Business Analyst Resume Tips and Samples

business analyst resume

Business Analyst Resume Tips and Samples: Business analyst jobs are in demand. If you have an analytical mind and a keen interest in business problem solving, you are a real candidate for the job. But, the hiring firms or the HR doesn't just look at your passion. They go through a pre-defined process, check resumes and finally take interviews to find the best candidates for … [Read more...]

7 Top Skills To Put On A Resume

Skills To Put On A Resume

Top Skills To Put On A Resume: Resumes are the number one priority for any candidate who is seeking jobs. And skills is one the number one checklist for the employer who wants to hire new candidates. And, why not? After all, they are seeking the right candidate for their company. The first step is to know how to write a resume. We have already covered the topic in detail and … [Read more...]