Top 5 Ruby IDE Solutions for Web Developers


Most web developers start out by using Notepad or Notepad++ by simply typing out the needed code. Many Ruby IDEs work with more than just Ruby, and are offered as standalone plugins by companies that aimed to build something that could be enjoyed by all. Given the demand out there for strict Ruby IDEs I decided that I would put together this article looking at what I feel … [Read more...]

Tips on WordPress website design and how to use a theme detector in 5 steps


Designing your own website doesn't have to be an intimidating task any longer. WordPress changed the game when it introduced everyone to the option of doing this task with no coding experience or technical knowledge. Nevertheless, designing a WordPress site alone is a discouraging task for some, but thanks to articles you can find on the Internet, it shouldn't be. Let's … [Read more...]

Best Free WordPress Plugins For Contact Forms


By Tim Brown, Director of Strategy, Snap Agency - WordPress Services Just like having a website is an essential for your business in today’s modern world, so too is having a user-friendly contact form a vital part of your website. A contact form serves as the first platform on which potential customers can contact you so it needs to function properly. If you don’t … [Read more...]

8 Things to Keep in Mind When Starting a Blog


It's a truth universally acknowledged that a person with a blog is heard by the world—or at least wants to be heard by the world and has the ultimate ability to be heard. But what stands in the way of blog writing success? The same things that plague our other entrepreneurial pursuits, plus a few extras you may not have thought of. Time, energy and resources are a … [Read more...]

Learn how to allure WordPress Users with CSS Animation


CSS Animation :- It is very simple to add animation with CSS style straight from WordPress themes. There are a plethora of  WordPress websites where you can find animated design elements either on the entire web page or individual parts. It is especially popular in single-page sites that often offer to buy any product. A beautiful animation and pixel perfect design support to … [Read more...]

5 Tools for Making an Appealing WordPress Blog


One theory that goes around, is that you have to write on a consistent basis over time to generate readership and obtain a good portion of active and loyal visitors. While this is true, there is one thing we usually overlook. Besides writing on a regular basis and providing a trustworthy content, we should also make our blog appealing to the visitors. Because without an … [Read more...]

11 Free Admin Template For Web Applications


Free admin template helps the developers to kickstart their project in the right direction. With templates, their work is minimized to a certain level as they only need to customize the template according to the requirement. The free admin template can be easily used in web applications. All the free admin templates support responsive design. Without much ado, let's get … [Read more...]

10 Best Coming Soon WordPress Themes For 2016 Worth Exploring

1. Launcher Theme

Have you been planning on giving your WordPress website a new look and feel next year? Or, have you come up with a new app, product or anything that want to introduce to your target audience and are hoping to build hype around it? Well, then you should consider getting yourself an impressive coming soon theme. Using a “Coming Soon” or any “Under Construction” WordPress … [Read more...]

Adding Multiple Post Thumbnails/Featured Images in WordPress


There are basically three major components of a post in WordPress – The title, the content and the featured image. It’s quite obvious why title and content are important for a post but what about the featured image? Well, it is the first thing that gains user’s attention. A featured image also known as thumbnails enables developers to add an image which represents a post, … [Read more...]