Top 5 Ruby IDE Solutions for Web Developers


Most web developers start out by using Notepad or Notepad++ by simply typing out the needed code. Many Ruby IDEs work with more than just Ruby, and are offered as standalone plugins by companies that aimed to build something that could be enjoyed by all. Given the demand out there for strict Ruby IDEs I decided that I would put together this article looking at what I feel … [Read more...]

11 Free Admin Template For Web Applications


Free admin template helps the developers to kickstart their project in the right direction. With templates, their work is minimized to a certain level as they only need to customize the template according to the requirement. The free admin template can be easily used in web applications. All the free admin templates support responsive design. Without much ado, let's get … [Read more...]

Adding Multiple Post Thumbnails/Featured Images in WordPress


There are basically three major components of a post in WordPress – The title, the content and the featured image. It’s quite obvious why title and content are important for a post but what about the featured image? Well, it is the first thing that gains user’s attention. A featured image also known as thumbnails enables developers to add an image which represents a post, … [Read more...]

6 Most Reliable JavaScript Frameworks for Web and Mobile Apps


Web and mobile development has evolved with time. It is no more just about writing pages of HTML and attaching them coherently. With changing times, user tastes and demands have also changed. The new concepts of mobile and web apps require just a single page app, so that a user can just scroll up and down for the entire content of the app without having to tap the … [Read more...]

10 Best JavaScript Charting Libraries For Creating Amazing Charts


In the era of information, it's hard to image any dashboard without graphs and charts. Charts are easy to understand and offer great information than a bunch of highly jumbled up stats floating through the screen. With the idea in mind, I want to list the best JavaScript Charting libraries. The charting libraries are great for creating charts and graphs. Some of the charting … [Read more...]

PHP IDE – Codelobster PHP Edition Review


Whenever you start your programming journey, there is always a tussle on which Integrated Development Environment to use. Choosing an IDE is totally a personal decision, but sometimes other factors are also important. Today, we will go through the review of PHP IDE- Codelobster PHP Edition Review. Codelobster is a PHP editor that offers tons of features and plugins for easy … [Read more...]

7 Benignant Code Editors to ease the lives of designers and developers

Coding has always been considered an indispensable component of every web design and development project. Whether it's about editing your HTML code or the CSS-style sheets, you need to unveil your creativity to come up with an absolutely stunning web solution. Fortunately, today, we have a variety of code editors that come equipped with advanced code editing features, … [Read more...]

How to Create an Awesome WordPress Responsive Menu for Your Theme

Building responsive menus is the hottest trend today. And this hardly comes as a surprise since we witness more and more Internet users leaning towards websites that give them a great browsing experience, irrespective of attractive they look. The navigational structure indeed plays a huge role in determining how good the user experience is. The Wordpress developers and … [Read more...]

How to Create Custom WordPress Widget to be Used on Your Set Up?

WordPress widgets are fancy tools that makes integrating custom content and features into their website sidebar a hassle-free task for users. With help of widgets, you simply need to drag-and-drop elements that you wish to appear in your website sidebar section such as a category list, featured images and so on. There are a plethora of WordPress themes and plugins that use … [Read more...]

Noteworthy .htaccess Tips To Improve Your WordPress Site Security

The .htaccess (also referred to as Hypertext Access) file is a configuration file that you'll come across when fixing your WordPress site's permalink settings. Furthermore, the file also helps in improving your website security and performance. In case your site doesn't contain the .htaccess file, then you can create one on your own and even upload it. For doing so, first … [Read more...]