Diep IO: Play Wherever and Whenever You Want!

Diep IO :- “Would you stop playing before I turn the router off even without asking anyone if they have saved their work?”

That would be a pretty badass reaction by your boss if he sees you playing Diep Io game by desk staging. The next day, he is going to block off all sites that allow online multiplayer. What makes Diep Io such an addictive online game for which everyone is up for? Well, it’s a strategy demanding game where you, the player, plays as a tank destroying everything (other players’ tanks and shapes) that come your way around the plane.

Diep io Game

Diepio Game
Diepio Game

What’s Diep io Game Then?

My answer to this question would be ‘nothing more than Diep Io’. It’s exactly the same game where you are the tank, searching for other tanks (just to destroy them) while finding your way around on a plane. On Diep Io, you simply snipe a score limit and apply upgrades on your tank so that it turns out to be a nearly indestructible destructor. To earn points, you need to do nothing but destroy other tanks or any shapes that you see on your screen.

The game, Diep Io, is very similar to its buddies, Agario and Slitherio. Gameplay experiences can be parallel to those you gather on the latter ones but Diep Io has extra stuffs like tank class selection and upgrades. There are eight different groupings under which you can upgrade your tank, each of which (perfect if maxed out) will improve your tank massively. The more you upgrade, the better your tank will be and the game gets more interesting once you have a good hold on how to ride around the plane.

Can’t Play the Game on Your Work Desk? Here’s How to Play Diep Io Game in School Or Offices:

What did you say? Facebook is banned in your workplace? Oh crap! It means you won’t be able to play the diep io game straight away from its official site in your office. In that case, you guys need to switch to Diepioo.com (which hosts an unblocked Diepio game) so for course, you don’t worry about this site being choked by your workplace’s firewall or whatever. The game is going to start anywhere and at any time. Just click the link below and have a quick 30 minutes:


Yeah, you read it right! You will be able to play the Diep Io game anywhere you like (everywhere from l** to library).

But Any Differences Between Diep.io and Diepioo.com?

From player’s point of view, the Diepio site delivers precisely the same ins and outs provided on the official site (remember that all you have to do is to destroy others’ tanks and shapes and go for those advancements on your tank). It’s a matter of fact that everyone plays games and some even become busy for 3 hours’ even if they start off just to play a quick 30 minutes so why can’t you happily pass your time rather than yawning at your desk?

Try out the site mentioned above and share if you were able to play the game at your office.