Top 10 Email Marketing Predictions You Need to Know for 2016

Today, email marketing is not just the boring practice of sending emails to the subscribers but much more than it. As the medium of communication, email marketing has effectively been provided the most updated sales news to the clients for many years. Nearly 68% of companies find email marketing as an excellent way of return on investment.

The email marketing trends keep on changing with a number of factors that influence the practice. We have tried summing up the email marketing predictions that will prevail the next year.

Email Marketing Predictions - 2016

These email marketing predictions would offer you familiarity with various aspects of email marketing, which is important to know if you are concerned with email marketing in any of the ways.

  1. Technological Blend in Emails To Generate The Best Campaigns

Technology will play an important role in the year to come for providing the best user experience across diverse channels. The upcoming year is likely to witness a huge surge in software and tools to help the email marketers blend the right combination of innovative techniques. In the execution of cross-channel look-ups, these tools will help the marketers that would further take the marketing campaign to a completely new level.

  1. Unique Innovation In Major Email Clients

The onset of digital arena has already made email clients most innovative in their functions. Today, email clients focus on feeding subscribers with the content as per their reading habits. In order to make the services more innovative, email clients are focusing more on the categorization of emails for the subscribers so that they could be offered with the right offer depending upon their preferences.

  1. Cohesive Messaging Strategy

Better-messaging-strategyIn the upcoming year, companies that are providing email marketing services would focus more on the cross-channel messaging that will ensure better communication with the subscriber & the right integration of the strategy for the positive result. For the same, synchronized posts on social media can be aligned with email campaigns to bring in the subscribers’ attention towards any of the offers.

  1. Repurposing the Content for Maximum Benefit

Repurposed feature of the content will prevail to reuse the content as friendly downloads as PDFs, whitepapers, e-books, & more. Content curation with minor improvisation will be all that would be needed to repurposing the content. However, the practice may prevail completely with the passage of time in order to forwarding the content at different junctions that would provide the maximum benefit from the write-up once created.

  1. Micro-Targeting Will Be The Buzz Word

The practice of sending helpful content will prevail as it is predominating the content market today. As the buzz word, Micro-targeting will help the email merchants to identify the interests of specific individual through this technique. Micro-targeting is the phenomenon that use consumer data as well as demographic to know about the individual interest of like-minded audience.

  1. Optimization In The Subject Line As Well As The Body

As of now, more emphasis is laid on the subject line when compared to the body of the emails. A compact subject line is, of course, the perfect recipe to get in the customers’ attention; however, the overall success lies in creating the content body well. Therefore, in the following year, more focus will be paid on all the relevant aspects of the email campaigns to attract more and more customers towards the services.

  1. Alertness On Security Concerns

In order to provide security to the email campaign, merchants will make use of innovative techniques such as DMARC. This terms stands for “domain-based message authentication, reporting and conformance”. The methodology helps in trimming down the potential for email-based abuses. Thus, there will be more focus on providing robust security with the email campaigns to the subscribers.

  1. Wearables Technology Will Be On Rise

Well, the upcoming year will see a tremendous rise in the wearable technology and the focus from the responsive designing is likely to shift to the former. Email marketers will be seen indulged in figuring out the ways to make email designs for wearables. This smart idea will come as a revolution to the industry and the subscribers will remain the ultimate winner as they are today.

  1. Stronger CTA Will Be Placed

CTA or the call to action is going to remain as important as it is today. The stronger is the CTA, the more it would impact the readers. Moreover, it is also predicted that subject line of the emails will have a glimpse of CTA for instant subscribers’ reaction. This way email marketers are likely to attract traffic even if the emails remained unopened. Thus, composing robust CTAs will always remain a benefit to the email merchants.

  1. Predictive Analysis In Email Marketing

Predictive AnalysisPredictive analytics or the “Big Data” strategy is expected to drive millions and billions of profit shares to the email marketers. As the strategy is all about decision making with the helpful data cultivated from customers’ behavior, it is going to reap the benefits for the marketers. With the help of predictive analysis, email marketers will improve visitors sessions over websites to reduce issues such as cart abandonment as well as browsing abandonment.


Pushing the boundaries of almost every email aspect will remain the mantra the next year. Moreover, all these strategies will help in providing a better, bigger and the best experience to the email subscribers. The trends illustrated above will make slow and steady mark in the industry and would change the face of email marketing a bit than what is prevailing today.

Andrew HudsonAuthor bio: Andrew Hudson is an experienced email template designer at Email Chopper and keeps on researching the current and the future aspects of email marketing. The Author is keen to share the information with interested web audience.