Free Open Office Resume Templates

Not every one of us have access to the Microsoft Office suite. They are expensive and also clog the system to some extent. If you are an open source lover, there is a great alternative to Microsoft Word, the Open Office. It is an amazing open source project that helps users to utilize powerful editing and other features that Microsoft word offers.

Creating Resumes on Open Office is a slightly different proposition. Resumes are the gateway to getting a job interview. Presenting the best resume with clear formatting, attention to important information and no typos, you stand a great chance of getting the job interview.

Today, we will list the Open Office Resume Template for our readers. These resumes fit nicely to the Open Office environment and you will be up and running with the resume template in no time. The reason for presenting such a unique articles is to address the current users of Open Office, who are trying to grab a job interview.

Resumes and Open Office

Creativity has no end and hence resumes can be created in more than one way. But, the hiring managers are not looking for a creative resume. They are looking for an ideal candidate that fits the bill for the position they are looking for. Creative positions, on the other hand, requires a creative resume. The chances of the candidate increase manifold, if they manipulate the default resume template according to the needs of the job they are applying to.


You can read a lot of articles that are related to resume making and other aspects of the resume. Check the following articles for a good overview on resumes and its importance.

Give me the List already!

Alright, I understand the urgency. Let’s list the Best Open Office Resume Templates for creating a resume that can make you win a job interview!

1. Professional Elegant Resume [DOWNLOAD]

2. General OpenOffice Resume Template [DOWNLOAD]

3. Basic Resume Template [DOWNLOAD]

4. Standard Resume Template [DOWNLOAD]

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