Google Apps Integration for WordPress

WordPress has already captured ¼ of the web and there is no sign that it will fall of the charts anytime sooner or later. With the increasing popularity of WordPress as the ultimate solution for the web, it keeps increasing its functionality and brings new features periodically for the WordPress user base.

Recently, WordPress have decided to team up with Google to make the experience more amazing. There are lot of tasks that goes behind the scene such as meeting and events, documents and spreadsheets, emails. All these tasks are related to business owners and data publishers that have to manipulate a lot of data at certain moment of time.

With the integration, WordPress owners can now use the incredible power of Google Apps for Work from the confinement of dashboards.

Power in the hands of the users

Google Apps for Work integration lets you to set up your own custom email address completely based upon on your domain. By this you can put a professional face on your entire communication medium.

The workings are easy enough to get along with the integration, like your custom domain, and then you can easily choose an email address of or The process is very simple and intuitive and even the beginners can work seamlessly with the integration.

But there is a limitation with the system as currently it supports only new custom domains. According to the latest news, Automattic is working hard to make the integration work with already existing domains.

There are bunch of other benefits users will get from users such as storing all your files on Google Drive, Hangouts for video chats, using Google calendar and many more. The services are available for both Desktop and mobile version.

The integration has made the working environment more reliable and fast paced for partners, team members and customers.

Setting up the Customization

A great move by both Automattic and Google and this will only make life of busy workers more easy and manageable considering the market size WordPress is ruling now (nearing 25%).