Google Chrome Extensions Might Have You Rethinking It’s Time To Change Browsers

Google Chrome has grown to such heights that more than half the traffic on the internet is using Chrome. Due to its amazing popularity, there are literally thousands of extensions available for users. Some extensions block ads, block spam and even check the newest pricing for favorite items.

Here is a breakdown of some of Google Chrome’s most popular extensions:


Todoist Extension:

Probably one of Google Chrome’s most popular extensions, it’s incredibly easy to convert any URL into a Todoist task right from your browser. All you have to do is click on the Todoist icon in your extension tray and see your Todoist account. Then click on and add a website as a task, it will be saved. When you choose to return to the website, just click the created link that is in your Todoist account and you’ll be brought directly to the site!

StayFocusd Extension:

This extension has been highly ranked by more than 3,300 users. It’s is an amazing extension for those who are distracted really easily or have very short attention spans. It will let you set a certain amount of time you should spend on a specific site such as Facebook or YouTube. You can also set up your account to block certain sites, sub-domains, and even specific page contents such as forums, games, or videos. Once you have reached the set time limit, StayFocusd will block your access to the site for the remainder of the day. This is a great tool for parents with younger children.

Google Similar Pages Extension:

This is the perfect extension for anyone who performs online research on a specific site. This is great for students writing term papers because it will help them discover similar pages without having to rely on All you have to do is click on the extension icon and your browser will send a search on Google. You will see other pages that are similar to or match the page you are currently on. This saves tons of time and energy looking for specific information without leaving your current tab!

Search By Image Extension:

Developed by Google’s Image Team, searching with an image is a very nice feature. It lets you search Google based on an image instead of relying on text. Once you have installed this extension into your Chrome browser, right-click on an image you have found on the internet and it will search. For example, you might want information regarding the artist of a painting you have discovered, the name of the team who won the football game last night and just about anything else.

Simple = Select + Search Extension:

This amazing, time-saving extension lets you choose any text from a site and conducts an immediate search for favorite sources without having to go directly to Once you have installed this extension, just right-click on the text then customize from your drop-down list of different sources such as BBC, Amazon, CNN, and Wikipedia.

Hover Zoom Extension:

There’s probably very little more annoying than trying to view a thumbnail image. Using this extension will let you enlarge the image just by hovering over it with your mouse. This works on any website like Amazon, Google Images, WordPress, Wikipedia, etc. Also, you can modify your settings to disable zooming on certain sites, zoom only using a certain key, or enable semi-transparent zoomed images.

Ginger Extension:

If you do a lot of writing from your computer, inevitably you will make mistakes. The Ginger extension goes well beyond your average, automatic spell check and will revise your text and emails for grammatical errors by underlining the phrase or word just like Google Docs, Microsoft Word, Open Office Doc or when writing a blog post using WordPress. Ginger will give you optional replacements, synonyms, and translations. Your writing will be flawless whether you are a native English speaker or not.

LastPass Extension:

This really cool extension helps you manage countless passwords that are almost impossible to remember without looking them up. With one master password, you can manage all your passwords from its “password vault”. You can generate stronger passwords, replacing weaker ones, make a simple purchase by adding a credit card and shopping profile. Choose any data that must be accessible but secure. This awesome extension will let you manage information, link to other devices, and save a lot of time!

NetHunt CRM for Google Mail:

CRM system created to help salesmen and small/medium business owners to improve communications with customer in the inbox. Now you can easily install NetHunt plugin for Chrome and start managing emails inside Gmail. Find out how to use NetHunt CRM for sales management.

Pushbullet Extension:

The Google Chrome extension is, without doubt, a five-star! You can easily connect your smartphone to your Chrome browser, get notifications on your computer screen when you receive a text or call, and reply to text message directly from your browser! You can send pictures, files and so much more from your browser to your mobile device with just one click. There are no cables, Dropbox accounts, or sifting through emails.

Diigo Web Collector Extension:

This is another 5-star extension that will let you bookmark, archive, screenshot and markup anything on the internet. You can attach highlights or stickies to a web page as a reminder, create group share content and resources. You can make notes and drawings on screenshots for later on.

These are just some of the awesome extensions that are available on Google Chrome. They might just convince you to unload your current browser and move over to Google Chrome!