Hide My IP Review: Protect Your Online Identity

The online world is full of surprises. For the newbies, the internet can be tougher than it looks. There are many malpractices revolving around the internet that enables anyone to scoop up your information in no time.

Have no idea what I am talking about? Let me explain. Each machine is associated with a unique address, similar to your house has a unique address. The address is used by different services for rendering information to your machine, but it does come with disadvantages.

hide my IP
Hide My IP Review: Protect Your Online Identity

What Makes your Venerable Online?

The hackers, government organization or script kiddies can be interested how you are investing your time on the internet, specially on which websites you use to buy new items, tracking your habits and the most dangerous of all, tracking your credit card information. All of these are potential threats that lurk around when you visit the internet.

The OpenVPN Protocol and ISP Blocking Explained

Hide My IP is one of those services that can help you potentially not worry about anything. The VPN service is one of the best and uses the OpenVPN protocol, which comes with 256-bit encryption.

The 256-bit encryption used in the service can fend off any attacks that work for stealing your online presence. The most impressive aspect of the online service is that you can easily browse any of the website available online. There are many countries or ISP in the world that block certain services or websites for reasons that are beyond their control. And, the only sufferer is you.

To overcome the blocked websites, you can use the Hide My IP service and be done with. The websites will now be accessed. Any apps, website or anything that you can think of, can easily be accessed through your computer and the biggest aspect of the service is that no one can track you down accessing the blocked websites. With so much focus on the privacy, you will surely enjoy being online for the first time.

Boost Up Your Online Presence

Another cool thing about the Hide My IP services is the chance of boosting your net browsing speed. The reason why most of the network service providers are slow is for routing the connection. With Hide My IP, you can easily select the server for sending data and create a wonderful chance of unlocking blocked speed and website loading time.

Using the Hide My IP service can actually improve you online experience tenfolds and create the necessary protection users needs when they go online. The most benefitted ones would be those who are not tech-savvy and this doesn’t take back the protection it does for tech people too.

Hide My IP runs on any device and operating system. It can be Windows, iOS, Android — the service can be used anywhere — with ease.

Free or Paid?

What’s more awesome about the service is the fact that you can use the service free of cost. The free version offers less IP selection, compared to a full version that enables you to choose any IP of your choice.

The paid version only comes at $29.95 and it is one-time pay. To know more, visit their site.