How to enable Guest Mode on Android OS (Lollipop)

With increasing invasion of smartphones and constant revision of the Android Operating System, there are many features that are released. With the Android Lollipop release, the inclusion of creating the guest mode is available. The reason, why this feature has important is for the sole reason of our privacy.

Today’s smartphone are the hub of tons of user information including the messages, phone number, emails, photos and other things that you would never want to share with anyone else. That’s why, we will go through the tutorial of how to enable guest mode on Android OS (Lollipop).

Android OS (Lollipop) update has been release for many smartphones. For example, I have also received the update in my Micromax Yureka, which runs Cyanogen OS, a custom build OS that runs on top of the Android OS. The latest build Cyanogen 12S is now available for all the YU users. Other smartphones such as Samsung, LG, OnePlusOne etc. are also receiving the update in the mean time.

Many new smartphones will also come with the Lollipop Android OS.

Alright, let’s start our tutorial on how to enable guest mode on Android OS(Lollipop).

1. At first, you need to take notice of the updated notification bar that comes with the Android Lollipop.

2. The new notification bar includes profile icon at the top right. Double tap the profile icon twice to move forward.

3. You can now see three icons on the screen. They are Add guest, Add user, and Google Account. All the options are self-explanatory.

How to enable Guest Mode on Android OS
Image Source: Google

4. The next step includes clicking on the Add guest icon.

5. Once clicked, you will be shifted to the guest mode. If you are trying this feature on your brand new smartphone for the first time, it will take some time to setup the guest mode as it makes your smartphone similar to a new installation. The guest mode will have no emails, messages, images, videos or any personal information that you think can harm your privacy.

This step took around 5 mins on my Micromax YU. The time taken depends on the device used and can vary from 5 mins to 15 mins or more. So, relax and let your smartphone do the work.

6. To revert back to your normal account, you need to again open the notification bar and change to your Google account. Once you change back to your normal account, all the data stored in the guest mode is removed.

Wondering what to do if your smartphone doesn’t support the Android Lollipop? Do not worry as many phone manufacturers have other modes such as Kids mode or even guest mode for your smartphone. This options is built within the smartphone and can be used without an issue.

I would recommend you to google for the available options if you do not have the Android Lollipop.

Wrap Up

Today, we went through the tutorial of how to enable guest mode in Android Lollipop. I love the new feature that Android lollipop offers.

Stay tuned for more discussions and tutorials for Android. Until then comment and share the article!