Let’s Play Agario Using Agario Private Server!

What if I told you that there is a great Agario private server? You will be euphoric, right? Well, today, I will discuss agarioprivateservers.org – a great website that let you play on the private server for Agario. Agario is a skilled based board game that is competitive, fun to play and don’t require massive downloads. The game is played through your browser!

Why need a agario private server?

Agario Private Server - bfwr
Agario Private Server

But, you might ask? Why you need a private server at the first place? There are many reasons. One of the main reasons is that working areas block the website. Schools, colleges, and companies tend to block the website so that people don’t waste time. That’s a great strategy, but it backfires as people just cannot relax and reenergize for the next task. A small dash of the game in the free time such as lunch can make them happy and get ready for the second shift. And, that’s why private servers are created.

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Another reason is ISP bans. The government can send regulations on a broad range of IP bans, and any game or website can get banned due to this. The private servers lets you get access to the game without any issues.

Agario Game

Enough of the agario private server stuff now. Let’s discuss the game! Agario is a board based game where the player has to end up being the largest blob. You start as a small blob with the ability to eat smaller blobs. Initially, you need just to eat viruses/bacteria scattered on the board. Once you become big enough, you need to use game mechanics to win the game.

So, how does the game works? There is a simple rule. The bigger one can gobble, the smaller one. Is that fair? Yes, it is. You can use other game mechanics to advance through the match. Such as you can hide behind the virus to save yourself from other blobs. Also, you can get a virus to split big blobs or use it to divide yourself for better advantage based on the scenario.

If you survive long enough, you can win the game! How awesome is that?


What are you waiting for? Get started and show everyone how awesome you are! Don’t forget to share the article with your buddies as they can join you and have fun! Agario is one of the best games that you should never miss playing.