How Newbies can Design their Own Blog?

Starting a blog is very easy now a days. Basically, blogging is the most powerful medium of sharing your thoughts and ideas with others. It is also one of the most common ways of communicating and spreading useful information to others.

Why You Should Start A Blog?

There are various reasons why people start blogging, like some blog to earn money and expand their online business. Meanwhile, others blog because of their passion of writing.This makes sense since blogging can help you become a better writer and naturally, a better communicator in other aspects of your life.No matter what the purpose of blogging is, but figuring out your niche of writing is important.

Starting A Blog


There are various blogging platforms which are easily available today and offers the users to create free blogs. Therefore, for newbies who want to start a blog without any investment, these types of platforms are best. However, once you get some experience in blogging, you can start your own self hosted WordPress blog.

On the other hand, if your only goal of doing blogging is to make more money, then you go ahead with the professional website and use the WordPress software to create your blog. This software and platform is very easy to use and will also help you with its exclusive free guide for newbies. If this is too confusing for you, there are plenty of “how to create a blog” guides with simple steps that will teach you how to start.

Now there are five important steps mentioned below which will help you to start your own blog in just an hour.


1. Choose a blogging platform

The first and the most important step of starting a blog is choosing the right blogging platform. Therefore, before you even start thinking about your blog looks, you have to choose a right blogging platform. Choosing a platform where you want to build a blog is a crucial decision, but one of the most commonly used platform is WordPress.

WordPress is one of the biggest platforms in the blogging community and that too with numerous plugins and themes to design your blog according to your needs. On the other hand, it is very easy to use and set up. It also has a massive support forum in case you get stuck anywhere while blogging. On top of that it is free for everyone and one of the most secure platform as it gets updated from time to time.

2.Choose a strong domain name

The second and most crucial step is choosing a correct and strong domain name for your blog. Domain name is basically the URL of your website. Selecting a right domain is not easy and it takes hours to choose the right name that you like. It’s better if you choose the matching domain name as your website have because it will help you in ranking your site.

Always keep in mind that you choose a domain name which is easy to remember and don’t select a name which is tough to even spell or has too many words and dashes. On the other hand, your domain should be unique and descriptive which reflects your blog.

3. Choose a proper hosting plan

Basically, hosting is the company that helps in putting your website on the internet so that everyone else can also recognize that. When you are new in blogging then you can always go with cheap shared hosting plans. There are various web hosting companies easily available in the market but always check the ranking of the company before selecting it for your blog.

4. Designing your blog

You can easily design your blog with WordPress. Once you have installed WordPress, you can start blogging and start writing a new post. When you are writing a blog, you can choose a theme of your choice by clicking on appearance-themes and after that install a free theme. With WordPress you can easily change your themes with just few clicks. On top of all that, your blog design should be very easy to navigate.

WordPress is usually known for its variety of themes and plugins easily available to get your blogs started. There are some great and free themes out there that will work with almost all niches.

5. Some useful resources to make your blog successful

Till now you have set up your blog and also know all basics about starting a new blog. Usually bloggers come to this blogging arena with a variety of degrees from online and social media experience and according to that only they start their blogging career. So it is always very important to keep in mind about the niche your choice while writing a blog. Another very important resource to make your blog successful is to choose the best theme from the WordPress to post your blog because this will only enhance the looks of your blog which will gain more traffic for you.

So this is all about how newbies can design their own blog. With all the above mentioned steps you can easily start your blog and that too without any hassle.