10 Best Nursing Resume Templates

Nursing is one of the noblest jobs in the world. With the use of the right resume, you can crack the job of a nurse at a reputed hospital and even create networks for future job changes.

Resumes are necessary for anyone to get into the industry or during a job transition. Nursing Resume Template can be used by nurses as a starting point of entering the job field. Nursing Templates are slightly different from the traditional templates but offer the same end result, i.e. creating the opportunity to get a job interview.

Resumes are the traditional approach to attain HR manager attention and using a template guarantees on approaching the problem of creating an appealing resume. Jobs are scare now and if you make faults at the very first step; things might only get ugly from here.

That’s why today, we will share 10 Best Nursing Resume Template that governs the basis of choosing the right template for you. Before, we start listing the best Nursing Resume Template, I want to list few important factors that make the resume apart from others in the job market.

1. Keep it simple silly. No one loves complications and when the HR manager has only 30 seconds to scan your resume.

2. Highlight your important achievements first. Grabbing the HR attention should be your first priority.

3. Experimenting too much can backfire your chances to grab the interview with the HR.

4. Wait Patiently for the HR reply. They are quite busy and might reply in a week or so.

5. Write in a formal style. Do not try to act funny. Until and unless you are a writer or a graphic designer there is no need to re-invent the wheel.

6. Last, but not the least. KISS i.e. Keep it Simple Silly.

Let’s start our countdown of 10 Best Nursing Resume Templates.

Nursing Resume Template

1. Mid-Level Nurse

nursing resume template - free web resources

2. Certified Nursing Assistant

Certified-Nursing-Assistant-Resume-Sample nursing resume template - free web resources

3. Nursing RN Resume

1-Nursing-RN-Resume-Professional - nursing resume template - free web resources

4. Mid-Level Nursing Template

best nursing resume template

5. Sample Resume Certified Nursing Assistant

5-sample-resume-certified-nursing - nursing resume template - free web resources

6. Graduate Nursing Resume

6-Graduate-nursing-resume - nursing resume template - free web resources

7. Pediatric Nurse Resume

7-Pedratic-Nurse-Resume - nursing resume template - free web resources

8. Registered Nurse Resume

nursing resume template

9. Nurse Resume Template


10. Registered Nurse Resume

best nursing resume template