There’s A New Runner in Town: Run 5 Unblocked

Run 5 Unblocked

Before I start talking about Run 5 Unblocked, I will introduce you to unblocked games. Unblocked Games So unblocked games are like unlocked or maybe jailbroken version of the same game available on the web. The only difference between unblocked and official version is that the latter can be accessed from any network while the official version may be blocked in some … [Read more...]

6 Free Ways to Get Motivated Using Technology


Motivation is a fickle feeling: some days you're productive like you've had five espresso shots, and other days just showing up at work is a chore. Harnessing that feeling of motivation is difficult, and techniques that work for your co-worker or best friend might do nothing for you. Explore some great websites and apps to discover what motivates you best. You may enjoy … [Read more...]

Here’s The Clock That Will Start Your Every Single Day Awesomely


Wanna turn your Android into an alarm clock? Well, ‘My Alarm Clock’ is gonna serve you the best. This app is not just a boring alarm clock which wakes you up at 6. In fact, it will start your day off with your favorite track and it will also push you to sleep on time. My Alarm Clock The most amazing feature of this app is that it brings you the latest weather information … [Read more...]

Clash of Clans for Windows 10 and Mac


No, Clash of Clans has not been released for Windows yet so gamers who don’t own an Android phone or an iPhone have to either buy of the supported devices or find a way to play the game on their device running Windows 10. Let me tell you, playing Clash of Clans on Windows 10 or Mac isn’t a big deal as there’s an app specially made for emulating Android games on Windows 10. … [Read more...]

5 Smart Ideas to Get Feedback from Customers


Meetings and brainstorms have come to define the usual routine of the marketing team. The entire staff is trying on a daily basis to find new angles for some fresh, educated guesses on what the customers expect from the brand. However, often times, the best solution is the simplest. You just have to ask the clients what they want. Of course, they don’t know what they want … [Read more...]

How to build a responsive website on SITE123


Responsiveness is everything. Just like you hate it when someone does not respond back when you ask them something, it is the same with websites. I bet you hate it when you go onto a website and click on a link just to find out that it does not open anything. As a website owner, you would be in the place of be willing to do everything it takes to have a responsive website. … [Read more...]

Duplicate Files Fixer Review: The Best Duplicate File Remover App


There are certain issues which affect your device’s performance and speed. One among those reasons is duplicate files on your mobile device. These duplicate files accumulate on your device due to various reasons. These reasons include file sharing, downloading of files multiple times, backup of files, cache & thumbnails and due to other technical problems. These … [Read more...]

5 Tips for Making Sure Your Website Shows Up on Google  


In order to get your website to show up on the search engines, you must use search engine optimization or SEO. SEO involves ensuring keywords are used throughout the content on your site and in back office areas, like meta tags and descriptions, and links to other sites that have a good search engine ranking are used. The following are some tips you can use to ensure SEO … [Read more...]