30 Impressive Healthcare Print Ads


These days, we see an increase in internet marketing as the world continues to turn digital. Because of this, people at times undermine the importance of print ads. There is no questioning the fact that the modern generation is typically more included towards using the computer and well as other portable devices. Still, print media has maintained its glory. Up to now, … [Read more...]

Using Maps In Web Design : 25 Amazing Examples

Understanding maps is relatively simple. Place your company or business on a satellite view, it's easy. But how about a dynamic mapping which disseminates information from a database? means that your maps is not a simple image but an integral part of your website. Depending to your business, and in modern Web design, maps can be a great way of displaying useful information by … [Read more...]

30+25 Free Icon Sets For Your Android Applications [Updated]

Android is the largest installed base of any mobile platform and every day it's growing up. Android is loved for its high customization, all can be changed, beginning from the application launcher and ending to the icons. If you are a Android developer, you probably have the talent to create an application that works well but graphics side, it may be a little less your cup of … [Read more...]

35 Awesome Photos Of Animals Under Snow


For Photographers , it may be interesting to take pictures in winter atmosphere , but he have to take some risks for this hard work. Those who practice the lookout when cold are particularly susceptible. For them and all those who must stay long in one place without moving it is recommended to create a space sheltered from the wind, whether in snow or other means must be … [Read more...]

Top 8 Free Shopping Cart jQuery Plugins And Tutorials


The shopping cart (trolley, carriage, trundler, wagon, basket, buggy) remains the most important feature in e-commerce website, it let the customers to make the list of the items for eventual purchase and calculates the total for the order, including shipping and handling charges and the associated taxes, as applicable. Some shopping cart provides additional features that an … [Read more...]

30 Fresh And Free Stone Textures

Finding free and high quality textures is the interest of all graphic designer , because designing is a really tough job , as designers must have all resources in the request subject. Textures can help the designer impart the appropriate feel and look and add a little extra style and spice to the design. Our today's post is about stone texture , stone textures can be used as … [Read more...]

45 Beautiful Examples Of Light Effect Wallpapers


Well done abstract and lighting effects can extremely improve your artworks, many designers add some color to lighting effect then the work will be really amazing. You can add them to pre-made photos, or create whole new scenes from scratch. Nature is subtle and at the same time complex which makes all the beautiful lighting a part of our life. But, the memories are short … [Read more...]

7 Free Online Tools To Add Watermark To Your Images

Watermarking is a technique in which you put a stamp on your work piece to let others know that its your personal stuff , they can use it but can’t claim it as their own. Watermarking can be with text and logo depending on your taste. If you are looking for a free online tool to watermark images to avoid installing software , here is a list of 7 online tools to add watermark … [Read more...]