30 High Quality Free Bokeh Textures

For web and graphic designers , Textures are great helpers . It allow you adding life and a certain feel and taste to your designs as they increase the quality of the work. Bokeh textures can make always create a priceless artwork if the the designer use some creativity and good design techniques. Today, we have collected 30 free and high quality bokeh textures that can be … [Read more...]

50 Breathtaking Spring Photos

Spring is the most inspiring season of the year , many photographs like this period to take breathtaking photos such as nature , birds, flowers and more spring's specials . After a very cold winter , for some people , spring represent a sensational period as they take a look around and observe the beauty of nature surrounding us everywhere. Here, we present a showcase of 50 … [Read more...]

35 Fresh CSS3 Tutorials and Techniques

With it’s wide range of functions and capabilities , CSS3 is becoming a very popular tool for web developers. Today , with pure css3 you can make something more beautiful and attractive without javascript. In the past many developers avoid using css3 because browsers does not supports it but now that most browsers support the majority of the features CSS3 offers, it’s important … [Read more...]

Top 5 Best Free WordPress E-Commerce Plugins

If you already run a WordPress plugin and you want to sell products online then you need to set up an e-shopping platform for your customers. WordPress has a solution of almost everything through single click install plugins, using a combination of E-Commerce themes and plugins, you can have your online store up and running in no time at all. Ecommerce for WordPress has become … [Read more...]

50 Inspiring Light Effect in Web Design

In general case , light effect can add a beauty to a website design if its place in the web page is right choosen. Most designers and agencies want to make the best possible impression on new visitors by putting an amazing special effects on their work.Here is a showcase of 50 Inspiring light effect in Web Design. Below you will see how the designers effectively applied a light … [Read more...]

30 Free Download Media Player PSD

Our today's post is a special gift for designers who want some psd of their music or video website. It allows your site visitors to control the audio or video files tracks being presented on your website. For this task you have to find the appropriate template matching with your skin , but this is not such a complicated task since in the web you can find a bunch of media … [Read more...]

25 Useful LCD Fonts For Designers

Nowadays , Every designer have to give a great importance to typography , you have to choose the right font at the right time and project. Today our font list is about Digital fonts , this kind of font is useful when we try to put a touch of technological sophistication into your flyers, posters, interface designs and more. Below is a selection of LCD fonts that professional … [Read more...]

Spectacular Collection Of 3D Artwork

This Post is for who want to be inspired by various scary looking creatures, monsters or supernaturals in 3D looking . Today’s collection is a mixture of various styles of 3D artwork that surely will appreciate the creativity and the sense for detail in these amazing and spectacular artworks. 3D Artwork chuan cheng, Chao Luo … [Read more...]

30 Wonderful Minimalist Wallpaper For Your Desktop

Many people still love Minimalist Wallpaper for the simplicity of its content and form. Minimalism is a widely known style in design since it keeps things user friendly and simple , also allow the user to see only what is important and helps him focus only on that. If you like minimalist backgrounds in your laptop or desktop, there are different cute minimalist wallpapers that … [Read more...]