30 Creative Examples Of 404 Error Pages


Having a good Error 404 page is important , clear 404 error pages communicate why a particular page couldn’t be displayed and what users can do next. When a requested page is not found and it typically means there is a link with a broken URL somewhere, in that case we can put search box or link redirecting to the home page. In modern web design , there are many style of 404 … [Read more...]

Amazing Collection Of Free CV/Resume Templates


Curriculum Vitae or simply Professional Resume is the first step towards your career life. Or more specifically this is the doorway of grabbing lots of opportunities out there. You might have an astounding educational background and experiences, but a badly designed CV or resume will not only reduce the probability of the Companies HRs to pick from thousands of CVs they get … [Read more...]

Stunning Collection Of Movie HD Wallpapers

Everyone love desktop wallpaper , and love beautiful ones most. Everyone want to decorate his desktop with his passionate hobby, the better they can challenge our imagination and provide some fresh perspective in a monotonous workflow. Movies can interest a certain category of people and while every month hollywood provide many films , movie can design your desktop as an action … [Read more...]

Basic Guidelines on How to Convert PSD to Magento

By envisioned the great prospects of online business, who does not wish to procure an online store. If I announce here that apart from procuring, running is also very expedient and cost effective then what pits will check it to kick it off. Yes, it is all about the Magento. Basically, PSD to Magento implementation is not seems to be so candid but demands for various steps to … [Read more...]

30 Amazing Vintage Business Card For Inspiration

The card is the document that every professional should have even with the huge success of websites like facebook, LinkedIn, twitter and other social networks. But having a business card is not enough, you need to properly design your card and avoid the most common committed errors. Depending on their business activity, a company have to choose the right and appropriate style … [Read more...]

Best Free Chat WordPress Plugin

Nowadays, it is very common to have a personal or professional blog. Due to its large community of users, the WordPress CMS has become the most widely used by bloggers. Many website owners want to improve their blog by installing new plugins. Among this improvements and to keep your visitors longer on your blog, you can play on interactivity. By this way you can install … [Read more...]