How to Launch Your New Business Idea


Together with the advent of the new age of technology, there is the best and worst news for startups. The best part is that the market ground is fertile for endless possibilities to make way for a new product or service that connects consumers to the modern world. However, the side effects are that it is harder now to make your business noticed in this overcrowded … [Read more...]

7 Tips On How to Create Beautiful Wide-Angle Portraits

picture 1_wide angle portraits

Photography is both knowledge and art. While it is true that you need a little bit of talent to create beautiful works of art, taking amazing pictures can also be learned. Furthermore, shooting wide-angle images can be tricky. Follow the tips listed below and improve your photography skills. What Is a Wide-Angle Photography? To be able to shoot wide-angle portraits, you … [Read more...]

Best Free WordPress Plugins For Contact Forms


By Tim Brown, Director of Strategy, Snap Agency - WordPress Services Just like having a website is an essential for your business in today’s modern world, so too is having a user-friendly contact form a vital part of your website. A contact form serves as the first platform on which potential customers can contact you so it needs to function properly. If you don’t … [Read more...]

The Best Android Monitoring App – TheOneSpy App


When it comes to ranking few best, most reliable, cost-effective and efficiently working monitoring apps, TheOneSpy app comes to the number one on the list. There are multiple attributes that make TheOneSpy a fantastic app and voice of all Android users who look forward to selecting a perfect monitoring app. This app is unique and stands on top due to its fantastic and … [Read more...]

Important Android Apps that are Worth Buying

Nova Launcher Prime

The Google Play Store is bombarded with apps from different categories. From Games to Productivity tools, all types of apps are available on the store. While some are free and some are paid, users prefer free ones over the paid ones. But some paid apps do exist that are much better than their free versions. They are mostly a premium version of the already existing free app. … [Read more...]

5 Ways App Typography Contributes to Mobile Apps UI/UX


App Typography came to the fore when Apple revamped the system fonts used by it in iOS 7. This was in 2013 and since then typography has been a crucial element of app designing. In the Android L too, Google worked on their existing fonts and polished them. Even after typography was made an important part of the overall OS design, the apps have not been able to be in sync with … [Read more...]

10 awesome out of the box business signages

sign writers

When it comes to branding a business, it is vital to think of every aspect from the signs and the website through to the business cards and uniforms. Every business uses a slightly different tactic when it comes to advertising but one thing that all businesses with a premises such as a shop or office should have is good signage. Experienced sign writers in Perth, London, … [Read more...]

Review: XNSPY Android spy app


Xnspy is a smartphone monitoring app that can remotely monitor internet, social media and various other logs off a smartphone or tablet. Though XNSPY is smartphone monitoring app designed to monitor kids and employees, you can also use it as a spouse spying tool. Let’s find out what else this app can do. What can XNSPY do for you? XNSPY is a software that you can … [Read more...]

Love Angry Birds? AngryBirdsGames has you covered

Angry Birds Game

If you are not new to the internet or mobile game, you probably have played the famous game, Angry Birds Game. It was released by Rovio Entertainment in December 2009. In 2016, the game has seen its sequel released, the Angry Birds 2. It will also see a movie release in 2016. Angry Birds Game In the time span of 7 years, the game saw a lot. At first, it became the most … [Read more...]

8 Things to Keep in Mind When Starting a Blog


It's a truth universally acknowledged that a person with a blog is heard by the world—or at least wants to be heard by the world and has the ultimate ability to be heard. But what stands in the way of blog writing success? The same things that plague our other entrepreneurial pursuits, plus a few extras you may not have thought of. Time, energy and resources are a … [Read more...]