Pro Development Tips to Help Your App Stand Out

In a world where you have less humans and more internet-connected mobile devices-your certainly talking about an era that is digital. According to a research over 86 percent of average American mobile users are averaged on using devices and apps. This tremendous increase in app influence is pushing the businesses and entrepreneurs to develop their own apps. But how can they stand out when the mobile market is white hot?

If you are among the developers hoping to win success in this competition of earning and scoring, you should be doing a lot of home work. Despite app market grossing huge revenue, but as per perspective of a consumer-investing in the app market is like drowning yourself into a messy mud puddle. There is nothing that you can navigate about the app market.

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IF you are persistent however, to try your luck in mobile app development then you should not even hesitate in taking guidance of professionals such as VeztekUSA. The company has expertise in mobile and web app development but also provides assistance. If you want to take things on your own way then here’s how you can have your app stand out in the crowd!

Pro Mobile Development Tips

Mobile Development

We are briefing the development tip you need to have your app stand out, read below:

#1- The Skeuomorphic Design is over:

The revolution has taken things way further then Skeuomorphic design (Meaning: the transformation of simple concepts into physical objects). The Skeuomorphic design can now enable you to assemble a team of developers who can see further ahead. This design became famous for Apple’s Note but then the users became frustrated for giving up on functionality in favor of design.

#2- The Push Notification and Location Functionality:

Users have been using this feature for what seems like a donkey’s year. This feature later became more of a privacy invading factor that would not leave you with couple minutes with yourself. The feature sent notification alerts from apps even when the apps were switched off for something happening on the app.

Location Services feature on the other hand is more useful to business where your smartphone location is sent to your company. For instance, an app that provides information for events and attractions can also offer information to the user for the particular location.

Both Push Notification and Location Services are valuable set of technology functionalities and are on a constant move for evolution.

#3- Simpler is Less Fun Now:

Buttons in app development refers to the interface that users use for interaction. There is a huge number of novel app interfaces taking the marketing, decreasing the allure of simple buttons. There are better versions of interactions now such as swipes, pinches, and latest movements. The developers are actually pushing boundaries and exploring more and more innovative fun buttons.

#4- The Quality:

Standing out in the market with an app that is unique is definitely a good idea. But there are plenty apps already with unique ideas-do they have the quality as well? The quality of an application is preferably more important than the design of the app. If you really need your application to find its place in the app market then focus on the quality. Once the application gets downloaded, work on knowing and fixing bugs and ask the users also for their feedback in regards to the application.

#5- Connectivity:

Where all features of apps are taking coverage, the connectivity is still at its infancy. You can always miss out on an opportunity in winning the competition because something new is happening every minute of the day. The growth rate of connectivity is tremendous and most recent example of this is Smart TV that enables users to use and view apps on TV’s. BMW is another one, they have created a BMW M Power App that can sync with BMW Apps-equipped car and record lap times, breaking position and throttle, and also aids in navigation.


Work on the above detailed factors and improvise them in mobile app development. Once you set the table right, hitting and getting the ball in the court should not seem impossible. However, you will need to keep your users as a top priority always. They will help you understand what they require and what can be disregarded for future. Mobile app development is easy but the app market is tough.