There’s A New Runner in Town: Run 5 Unblocked

Before I start talking about Run 5 Unblocked, I will introduce you to unblocked games.

Unblocked Games

So unblocked games are like unlocked or maybe jailbroken version of the same game available on the web. The only difference between unblocked and official version is that the latter can be accessed from any network while the official version may be blocked in some networks.

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For instance, you may not be able to run Run 5 in your school’s network but should you access Run 5 Unblocked, it will work like a charm. Actually, unblocked games are powered by private servers so the performance will be better than expected.

Release Confirmed for Run 5 Unblocked

Run 5 Unblocked
Run 5 Unblocked

Run 5 actually a new addition to the Run series. Sources say that Run 5 will be released soon while those who want an unblocked version of the game (aka Run 5 Unblocked) may need to wait for a few days more after the official version sets out.

Run Series

Run series now boasts a challenging collection of 5 online flash games. Run 5 Unblocked is going to be the best game in the whole series. If you are familiar to Run games, Run 5 won’t be an issue but don’t get bored right now because this game is going to feature the most challenging levels for better and for worse.

A Device and A Connection (That’s All You Need)

Can you guess what you might need to play Run 5 Unblocked? Well, the requirements are insanely simple. You just need a device (of course, with a screen) connected to the internet and you are ready to play. Access the Run 5 Unblocked website from any device you own and the game will load online.


Unfortunately, Run 5 Unblocked won’t feature any multiplayer maps (sad new for real runner out there) but you can always compare your score with those on the leaderboards. If you are good enough, you will definitely find your name in the Run 5 Unblocked leaderboard.

A Quick Look at Controls

In Run 5 Unblocked, you will play as an alien trying to find a way out of an infinite tunnel in space. The main objective of the game is to run as much as you can. Don’t get yourself killed by falling through the holes scattered throughout the tunnel.

Love Run Series?

Are you a die-hard fan of Run series? For those who are, Run 5 Unblocked is going to be an evolution in gameplay and techniques. In fact, everyone loves Run games because these games are designed to be played by everyone from kids to adults. Let us know in the comments below how much you love Run games.

Meanwhile, you can also play Run 4 unblocked, run 3 unblocked or maybe run 1 and run 2 while waiting for Run 5 to come out. In short, Run series is really turning out to be interesting and no doubt it will go viral in two days or so.