Top 20 Image Slider jQuery Plugins

JQuery is one of the most searchable query on Google as it helps developers to easily optimize their web projects enabling them to achieve amazing effects which were only possible through the use of Flash in the past.

Here we have listed around top 20 image slider jquery plugin with downloadable code and these are absolutely free to use in any website.

jQuery Carousel Evolution (Paid)



Bubble Slideshow Effect with jQuery

Portfolio Zoom Slider with jQuery




Image Wall with jQuery

Shutter Effect Portfolio with jQuery and Canvas

Responsive Image Gallery with Thumbnail Carousel

Image Gallery and jQuery Slideshow – TN3 Gallery

Flux Slider

SIDEWAYS – jQuery fullscreen image gallery

Slicebox – A fresh 3D image slider with graceful fallback

NIVO Slider

Lateral On-Scroll Sliding with jQuery

Flickr Photobar Gallery


ajSlideshow: A jQuery Gallery Slideshow Plugin (Paid)