Top 10 JQuery Sliders

JQuery Plugins has invaded the web space from some time now. They are light, fast and responsive.

Today, we are going to the list top 10 jQuery Sliders for your site. But, before we proceed, let’s get the basics right.

Sliders are the most basic element of the HTML web page and conquerors the top-most part of the webpage.

jQuery Sliders are used widely on the front-page of the website. It conquers the essence of the information currently available on the site.

Sliders can embed text, images and videos. Great jQuery sliders are those that add an extra touch to the posts.

jQuery Sliders are important for the sole reason of adding eye-popping graphics to the page; adding more value to the webpage design aspect.

Let’s start our adventure.

Nivo Slider

jQuery Sliders

Nivo Slider is the most popular jQuery plugins out there. It incorporates images and text intuitively. The major components of the slider are a simple navigation and coll effects on transition.

The slider lets you add an HTML caption and also supports keyboard shortcuts.

WOW Slider

jQuery Sliders

WOW Slider is another great example of a good responsive slider. Recently, it is becoming more popular and catching a lot of appraisal from web designers.

The plugin is easy to use and incorporate within the site. It provides special effects during image transition.

Moreover, the plugin is also optimized for WordPress and is currently available as a standalone WordPress plugin.

The plugin’s only drawback is its speed of execution. The plugin can slow down the webpage and eventually lose all its charm.

Royal Slider


Royal Slider provides royal features, which include responsive layout, support for major media types and many more.

Royal Slider is a perfect choice for anyone who is looking for that extra mile. It supports Animated captions, resizable layout and smart lazy loading.

The slider also supports Touch navigation for mobile devices. It also supports great organizational features, letting you build sliders from entire galleries and organize photos accordingly.



wmuSlider is an interesting approach to the problem of showing appealing sliders on the homepage. The plugin installation is easy and intuitive.

The drawbacks include speed issues and customizing. Customizing the plugin can take some time and patience to complete. On top of that, the plugin development has stopped leading to no official updates in the future.

Zuper Slider


The name of “Zuper Slider”should have been “Super Slider” because of its amazing speed and style.

Zuper Slider is one of the best jQuery plugin currently available in the market. It’s completely responsive and optimized for all the browsers out there.

The plugin also supports embedding videos and supports lot of customization.

The only drawback of the plugin is that it is not free.


jQuery Sliders

Flexslider is one of the top jQuery Sliders and tops all the other slider by a slight inch of its own. The slider is completely responsive and does not have the problem of freezing the screen when adjusting the screen size. The transition is flawless and provides a great experience for the site users.

The slider is fully customizable, but it can be a tough proposition for someone who doesn’t know how to code.



An open-source jQuery plugin which is still currently in development. The main advantage of using the plugin is its experimental background for many web developers and designers.

The webmasters can customize the plugin as they want because of its open-source nature; eventually increasing the skill set of the developers.

Blueberry plugin is fully responsive and supports easy installation procedure.

Camera Slider

jQuery Sliders

Camera Slider is an advanced plugin, capable of doing almost anything you want it to do. It can expand full screen and add transition effects on the go.

The slider is not newbie-friendly, but the more experienced developers can rip more benefit from the plugin.

It also supports captions, embed videos and text seamlessly across the screen.

Swipe JS

jQuery Sliders


So, who is looking for a completely mobile targeted jQuery slider? If you are, then your search ends here. Swipe JS is solely created for mobile devices, keeping all the mobile requirements in mind.

The advantage of the plugin is its lightweight and ease of installation. The disadvantage includes  limited customization options


jQuery Sliders

The last jQuery plugin is carouFredSel. It is super easy to install and provides responsive layout for your site.

The only problem with the plugin is that it lacks advanced customization options.


Today we went through Top 10 jQuery plugins out there in the wild. Still, the list is not complete from any sense. If you think that we missed anything, feel free to comment below.