Most Admired Plugins To Bring Some Twitter Magic in WordPress

Since its inception in 2008, Twitter has been able to gain momentum among its users. The growth of this platform is quite surprising and the way it has maintained its level of monetization is absolutely amazing. The platform rises each year by the mainstream media, and the users who are associated with it.

Twitter is a spectacular tool for the website owners as it provides them with better opportunities and tools to attract and retain the interest of their audience. Twitter allows them to easily send updates and news about their business, thus giving audiences a real-time insight about their current business activities. But this is something you simply can’t achieve without making any effort. You need to incorporate some nifty tools such as plugins to ensure your content is made available to your audience and it catches their attention too.

In this post, we are going to unleash some of highly popular Twitter plugins for your WordPress site. All the plugins are hand-picked because of their flexibility, usability, and stability. Most of them are relevant for all types of WordPress sites.

Simple Twitter Tweets


Simple Twitter Tweets is a versatile Twitter widget plugin that allows you store tweets in your database. The plugin enables you easily showcase your profile avatar, along with a follow button, at the bottom of the widget.

WP Twitter Feeds Plugin


Using the WP Twitter Feeds Plugin you can conveniently display a Twitter widget within your website. It’s very easy to use, simply drag the widget where you wish to locate it, fill the widget form and you are done. Additionally, the plugin will allow you display “Twitter Intents”, the links at the bottom of each tweet that encourage replies from others as well.

Twitter Alligator WordPress Plugin


Twitter Alligator is a versatile plugin that allows you “aggregate” tweets from several Twitter users. The plugin also makes it super easy for you to specify the number of tweets per user and per widget. With a variety of skins options to choose from, Twitter alligator is compatible to work with any kind of WordPress site and stimulate your visitors. It’s an ideal plugin for those who praise minimalist appeal.

Twitter Widget with Twitter Reach


Twitter Widget with Twitter Reach will add an edge to your website. The plugin will make it extremely easy for you to show your tweets, you are also allowed to use search related terms to specify the tweet you want to show.



TweetDis is fantastic WordPress plugin which enables you to create tweetable quotes. It features a number of eye-catching templates that help you garner the attention of your audience and also encourage them to tweet your posts. As soon as the visitor click on “tweetable quote” a tweet will automatically get generated from them. Plus, sharing phrases or quotes with your audience is just a matter of clicks.

Rotating Tweets


Rotating Tweets is a unique plugin that allows you showcase your tweets on a rotational basis. It comes packed with a great deal of configuration options to display tweets also also allows you specify your favorites, lists and search results.



With Hashcore it will become easy for you to make content stand out. The plugin lets you add hashtags into the links on your article. As soon as the users will click on the hashtags they will be able to see the latest articles published on your website.

Random Tweet Widget


With Random Tweet Widget you can display tweets in a random order. The plugin will allow you display tweets from your twitter profile from the defined number of widgets.

WD Twitter Feed


WD Twitter Feed is a popular for WordPress that allows your visitors follow your WordPress account with just a single click.

HL Twitter


HL Twitter lets you store tweets from multiple accounts and displays the via widget, archives and shortcodes.

Wrapping Up

And there we have it all, the below mentioned plugins will help you share your content with your audience with ease. You can try any of them to make your content truly stand out.

Author Bio: Maria Mincey is qualified outsource web development professional who is great at delivering focus in her writings. She works for Xicom Technologies, a offshore software development company which delivers most comprehensive web applications and solutions for different industry verticals.