How Visual Analytics Help Mobile Apps to be More Engaging?

To be precise, analytical reasoning through visual interfaces is called visual analytics which is widely used in many scientific and tech fields including the mobile app development and betterment.

Creating more engaging and interactive app is always a challenge for the app developers and often improving an app on such crucial aspects the developer team seems to be ready to tread heaven and earth. In consideration to the huge competitive challenge every app faces in app stores, it is quite natural to take such concerns seriously. But can you think of a smart solution to this other than visual analytics? Can you think of any tool that will be handy enough to show the shortcomings of your app and that will guide you in recognizing the needful to win the users? Obviously, in most cases you cannot think of addressing these concerns without visual analytics tools.

Here we will discuss how visual analytics can help mobile apps to be more engaging and interactive.


Making the app better with time and on a continuous basis  

This is one of the foremost benefits of using visual analytics for your app. App business is a hugely competitive one and there is no place for complacency because another app at the very next moment is offering something more unique replacing your position. There are so many apps that after hitting search ranks in initial days just went missing forever. Without an eye for continuous development and betterment your app does not stand a chance of growth. Visual analytics is just the right type of tool to tell you the potential loopholes and scopes of improvement.Mobile-App-Visual Analytics

  • Touch Heatmaps is an analytics tool that will help you to understand the way your app is used. It will tell you the exact area of the app and features that enjoy more popularity over others.
  • Similarly a tool of Real Time Reporting System will help you to grab the new user behavior data as soon as they hit the app. What features they used most and whether there has been any delay or friction undermining their user experience and what is the common user trait before some users decided to skip your app – all these many more data are analyzed to let you see the potential factors behind positive or negative user repercussions.
  • There are other tools of visual analytics that would show you where the users remain most engaged and the areas where users show least interest. Such analytical output in user behavior will further help you to find ways and maneuvers to concentrate on areas receiving less than acceptable response from users.

Advertising and marketing analytics

This is the second most important type of tools used for identifying potential drawbacks and scopes of improvement on marketing and advertising front. Ensuring marketing maneuvers to generate leads is crucial to stay competitive for the app and there are analytics tools that can help you to do this better. For marketers and campaigners often such situation arises where nothing seems to work decisively and convincingly to ensure a better output. In such cases visual analytics come to aid with offering insights into the factors behind the non-responsiveness of the campaign. To have a quick grasp over what works and what not is the key to your successful marketing and visual analytics just serves that crucial requirement.

  • Keyword research tools will help you to identify what the users are thinking of when hitting app store search for an app. Without keyword research you have little chance to withstand the huge competition for grabbing traffic in the search engines. Keyword research tools identify what type of keywords users are most prone to type in respective niches and accordingly you can decide over your keyword strategy.
  • There are visual analytics tools that will identify the sources from which users are coming to your app page. You can have gross idea whether the social media campaign is generating most new users or the app review blogs or other sources. Further you can analyze which marketing avenue paid you in most downloads or gave majority of app views, etc.
  • Most apps today have an array of localized features that helps users orient his usage more with his location data and location specific preference. Visual analytics can replenish the marketer with variable location specific user information to use them further for marketing maneuvers.

Visual analytics for comparable data on platform specific usage

Most apps today are developed with cross platform convention but a majority of them do not have the same level of success in all platforms and devices. Visual analytics on user data can show you statistics and trends of usage, growth and user behavior on different platforms. Analyzing and comparing these platform specific data you can further find ways to better your app for the less responsive mobile platform.

  • Different OS and mobile platforms have their own set of user behavior patterns and visual analytics can rope in to get a detailed view of what works in every respective platform and what does not.
  • Different devices and respective feature set further add to the variability of user behavior and preference. An analytical insight into device specific user data will further provide you deep insights for potential areas you should concentrate upon and weaklings you should address.
  • The popularity of one app in one platform is weighed down by the negative response received by the same app in another platform. Marketing and other factors apart often what counts most is a favorite feature that goes missing in some platforms while making the app hot in others. Visual analytics will give you insights into such areas and make it easier to breach the gap of popularity among different platforms.

Visual analytics can truly make the analysis of user behavior easier providing direct insights about the aspects that are potential leg poolers and the areas of development that can add value to the user experience and app growth.

About Author:

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