We Love SVG: Google Fonts for Icons

We Love SVG is a library of 9,769 free icons which works similar to Google Fonts. You get all open source icons and insert them into your code within a minute.


Icons Included

The library of We Love SVG consists of 9,769 icons from 30 open source icon packs. As well as choosing some great flat icon packs from the web, Icons8 team (the creator of WLS and one of the biggest icon packs) has opened part of its own collection, including the freshly-baked 200+ Windows 10 icons and 300+ Flat Color icons.

You may choose the icon pack in the header of the page, and use the search bar for finding the icon you need.

Instructions for Use

The directions for use include 2 easy steps:

1). Copy this code and paste it to the header of the web page.

AngularJS version

<script type=”text/javascript” src=”//cdn.rawgit.com/icons8/bower-webicon/v0.10.7/angular-webicon.min.js”></script>

jQuery version

<script type=”text/javascript” src=”//cdn.rawgit.com/icons8/bower-webicon/v0.10.7/jquery-webicon.min.js”></script>

2). Search for an icon, click on it and copy the code. Now it’s ready to be embedded into your HTML!


You may also find some examples in the bottom of the page.

Technology Used in We Love SVG

Briefly, We Love SVG is based on Webicon – a technology that allows to insert icons from any icon library. It’s like inserting icons with an icon font, but newer, better and faster. Advantages of Webicon:

  • Embedding in less than a minute
  • No uploading, re-generating, or any other overhead

Also, instead of fonts, WLS uses SVG sets. They have many advantages compare to iconic webfonts, separate SVG or PNG sprites. If you are interested, just check out these articles on CSS Tricks or Icons8 blog. SVG sets were converted from SVG fonts with the help of svg-caster.

All icons are hosted on a free CDN.

About the Authors

Icons8 team has created We Love SVG, but the credits should be also given to all the icon designers. These guys have spent months of their life to draw those beautiful icons and make Internet better.

Improve We Love SVG

Feel free to fork this project on Github, as well as the metioned above Webicon and svg-caster.